Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Baby Mayor No More

From Paris!

I was very proud to read on a blog that Mr. Ravenstahl was standing up for himself. According to this story, the mayor did a Steelers move on a slimey lowly reporter. It sounds like Mr. Marty Giffin was being very disrespectful of the mayor throwing insults and untruths while the whole time laughing and smiling. The Mayor being the man he is and not the Baby Mayor that the evil people claim, coolly waited until all the other reporters were away and then with his own bare shoulder, crashed it into the lowly reporters back just like one of the mighty Steelers! I hope this taught the reporter what his job should be-to not report bad stuff about the mayor.

The mayor was only doing his job in trying to prevent the reporter from reporting bad stuff. The reporter can say that his job is to report the news and the mayor can say his job is to make sure the reporter only reports the stuff that the mayor wants reported. I have followed American news reporting and I see how President Bush does his job and how the American press only report what he wants and do not show him in a bad light. See how Bush has turned the Great New York Times into a lap dog!!! Why should not Mr. Ravenstahl do the same on a smaller scale of Pittsburgh?

Now I have watched many American gangster movies and I know it says a lot when the head man takes off his gloves and does the physical work rather than leaving it to the goony henchmen to catch the evil doer in a dark alley. I think it says a lot and it is the message that needs to be sent not just to all the reporters in the Pittsburgh Area but to all the voting people - the Mayor is not the Baby Mayor!.
You in Pittsburgh are so lucky to have a person so brave to stand up for themselves that it shows how much they will stand up for you when the going gets tough! You should be thanking the heavens above for your leader.

So I can now see another sport to add to Mr Ravenstahl's list of sports love.....wrestling!!!

Mr. Ravenstahl?