Monday, July 21, 2008

Something about Obama

Hello from the Northside

Ever since Hillary was forced out of the president race, I've been thinking alot about Obama. There is something about him that bothers me. I haven't been able to put my finger on it.

With Hillary, I finally got over the fact that she was a woman and possibly a lesbeing so I was all ready to vote for her. Now with Obama, he is a man and he's married so it should be easy to vote for him because I usually my whole life have voted for men (except for Darlene Harris!). So my problem with Obama can't be that.

Whenever Obama comes on the tv, first thoughts is "Is my backdoor locked?" So maybe it has something to do with his stances on Homeland security? Would I feel safer with him in the White House? Hmmm, I don't know but my gut tells me that we wouldn't. Then I wonder if my front door is locked too.

When I look at Obama, I think there is something about him that just isn't right that he sould be President. When I look at McCain, there is something familar. It might be that he is old like me. That might be it.

When I was young and I voted for JFK, I thought to my self, "could I marry this guy?" The answer was yes. I've used that ever since. First the guy must be a democrat and then I think can I marry this guy. Bill Clinton was easy but the democrats have surely put up some guys in the past that were hard for me to accept like Mondale or Dukakus, but there is something about Obama that I just can't get my mind around. I keep thinking my Dad would spin around in the grave if I were to marry him. I must be getting old because i can't see marrying someone who is about half as old as me. That has to be it.

The biggest reason why I don't feel right about voting for Obama is because The Mayor and Dan the Tax Man (who might I remind that this blog was the first to endorse him for Governor!!!!) and Governor Rendel haven't told me to vote for him. When they all were behind Hillary I was more than willing to vote for someone who was a woman and possibly a lesbeing, but until they come out and tell me to vote for some as young as Obama, I just don't know if I can do it.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Hello from the Northside!!!!!!!

I went Downtown yesterday to pay a bill. I was walking by Sammy's Corned Beef and I saw in the window Mary Beth Buchanan. She was eating a big corned beef sandwich that was dripping down her chin and all down here shirt sleaves. It might of been a Ruban. It looked just like her. She was dressed all fancy and her chin looked like a glazed donut with buttery corned beef juice. She was dressed sensible and was wearing gym shoes under her skirt. She looked just like I had seen on TV.

I didn't want to go in and say it to her face so I told her what I thought through the window. I waved my hand to get her attention and said " Leave Mr. Ford allone! He's done nothing." I went off and told her other stuff. She shrugging her shoulders acting like she didn't know what I was talking about but she knew. She was shaking her head and waving her hands. "Quit wasting our money and start worrying about important stuff like fighting crime and fixing potholes"!!!

I gave her a piece of my mind through the window. After I walked away I went back again to say thanks for nothing in going after Cereal Wecyht and wasting all that time and money. I felt so much better. I know it was her and I did my part and spoke my mind. I was so proud of myself I treated myself to a little candy bar and an ice cold IC Light at Market Square just like my dad use to give me.

Keep Cool. Remember the senior centers are open. and keep hydrated. And quit picking on The Mayor and his friends.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Time To Follow The StrawberryWay!!!!

Hello from the Northside

Bloggers are dropping like flys here is Pittsburgh, but I am fine I put a new air conditioner in the back and room so now I can blog all summer. I have a Igloo cooler full of iron city that I have set in an old kitty litter pan so it don't drip all over the floor. I'm in heavan! Big Frankie (my huABAND)calls it my cave.

Tonight is fireworks at the Pirates. Go Bucco's. Go Luke. Go Pittsbburgh!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Luke, Do Something!

I am hereby publicly asking Mayor Luke to do something about this whole Pittsburgh Steelers buyout thing. I know he is best friends with the Rooneys and Mario and Ben Rothlisberger so he must make sure that the Steelers do not get sold to this Drunkenhammer guy. What is going on here? This is an upset to the natural order of things. It is Pittsburgh and the Rooneys own the Steelers. End of story. Luke, you must do something. Some things should never change and LUke was elected to protect the status quote so I am asking that he make sure the Steelers do not get sold to a Drunk. I don't want to have to go to my councilman, Mr Potatohead, because it will take council way to long to do something that Luke can do with one phone call. All those stupid Rooney brothers who want to sell should sell to their big brother Dan, even if the offer is not good enough. This is very important to the future of Pittsburgh for the Rooneys to own the Steelers, so of course it is Mayor Luke's job to make sure the Rooneys are still in their rightful place as Steelers owners forever.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


from the Northside...

I find it surprising Gay4Luke that you don't like Mr. Bardon eventhough he is one of yours. Thinking of that I think I have figured out why you don't really like him. It is because we know that he really wants to have the caSINo being a whorehouse.

This website broke the TRUE story along time ago about what the real plans are. . . to have a giant whorehouse right there on the river. It all makes sense. If they are willing to have gambling where will it stop? We might even have Rick Santorum's dream of men having s*x with dogs!!!

But you know what? I don't care. I want my property tax relief.

Gay4Luke, if you want to hate Mr. Bardon, go ahead. The only people left in Pittsburgh are only going to be you and us old people whose scooters aren't allowed to go through the Fort Pitt Tunnel to get us out of town.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Leave Mr. Bardin Alone!!!!

Hello from the Northside!!!

I am back but I have been enjoying my summer. Ever since Hillary lost I've been very mad at everyone. You would think with all the power that Mr. Randel has he could have tipped the whole country toward Hillary. Then you put Dan Onorato's power and Luke's power in the mixed they should have gone out there and broken knee caps all around the country. But no. And look at where we are now?

Anyway, my main point in this post is that we need to see the caSINo build on the Northside at all costs. Some of the things that I wanted before I died are a woman in the white house and to be able to walk down a caSINo and play slots.

Now that a woman will not be in the white house (unless Obama starts wearing a dress and has his dinkle removed) I at least want to be able to go to a caSINo in my own neighborhood! At the pace its going, I'm either going to have to ride a scooter to the place or someone will have to wheel me on my deathbed. Come on Pittsburgh. Aren't we all sick of sitting at a stupid poker machine in a corner bar? Don't you want some real class and do your gambling in a place with carpet and the beautiful sound of money tinkling out of the slot machines?

All these poop heads are throwing slugs in our slots!!! Why can't the construction workers just get a bunch of free credits on the slot machines and get done with the building?!!?!?!?!

Forget about building a real building. Just put up a big tent like they had down at the Meadows before their caSINo was done. Who cares what it looks like on the outside! Everyone is going to be inside once the thing opens.

The REAL Pittsburghers like me are smart while these egghead poopheads are trying to ruin us. Why couldn't all these dumb-dumbs go travel with their friend Peduto and start their own country Pedutostan somewhere.

For all you people who care... Pierre sent me the following email...

Dear Friend Strawberry Way,

I regret to inform you that I have taken the path that most young gifted smart people from Pittsburgh have traveled before. Pittsburgh has broken my heart for my Love was never returned with the greatness equal to what I gave. I have used the Internet to find a new love, It is named Peoria in the grand state of Lincoln of Illinois. From this day forth, I shall be known as Pierre4Peoria. I hope that my grand plan of getting showered with love and money will come forth from my new Internet home town. I hope they will fly me to their town and I shall look down from my airplane seat as we fly over Pittsburgh and a tear may come to my eye or not.

Drained love,

There you go, Pittsburgh, driving away some of your biggest supporters. Now you are stuck with only me (and Gay4Luke).