Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Let's Praise the Redd Up Crew

I don't know if you had heard about the Redd Up crew building a dock in honor of the Late Mayor Bob O'Connor? Here is the link - here.

They took time out of their busy schedules to build this dock located over behind Western Pretentiary. Everyone is saying that the dock is new but it has been around forever. Theses guys just Redded it up. It was such a nice spot. I use to take my kids down there and feed the ducks and I'd bring a 6 pack of beer. We'd stand there and I would point at the prison and tell my kids about how it was filled with evil doing jaggoffs. I would tell them about all the potheads and evil sodemites that filled that hell house. I turned it into a a teaching moment.

Now all the petty critics of The Mayor are picking on him for the REdd Up Crew Redding Up the Dock. Can't those people ever be happy? Plus, the dock is to honor the Late Mayor Bob O'Connor - let him rest in piece. These blog critics can't even let the Late Mayor rest in Piece. They should be asshamed of themselves. How do they think the Late Mayor's wife feels about them dragging the dock through the mud? SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

And how do you think the Redd Up guys feel? They work really hard everyday doing all that hard work and then they go home, put their feet up in their lazy boy, crack open a beer and check out the local blogs and what do they see? A bunch of Yuppies critizing their work! Like me, they probibly throw their beer can against the wall. They might look all burly and tough on the outside, but I bet they cry on the inside. Or as the yuppies would like to say "the 5 guys will stand around while the one guy does all the crying". All you Redd Up guys, this Blog, the greatest blog in Pittsburgh loves you and all the hard work you do!!! (hey, I have a big bush in my back yard that needs cut down? Could you swing by and help me out?)

These Yuppy Potatoheads have never worked a hard day in their lives unless you find pushing a computer mouse around a table tough. All thses yuppie bloggers are JEALIOUS that the REdd Up Crew doesn't come to their neighborhoods but they have their illegal mexicans who can trim all the weeds and go get them coffee and watch their kids. The REdd Up Crew is like the Illegal Mexicans for the Rest of Us! Not to insult you hard working Redd Up guys by calling you Mexicans but you guys work so hard for so little money and you don't get any respect. I feel sorry for you.

Now when I say Yuppy Neighborhood, I am talking about allmost all the neighborhoods outside of the North Side! So what if the Redd Up Crew does all their work on the North Side!?!?!?! We deserve the help and when you come through the Fort Pitt Tunnel what is the first Neighborhood you see? The North Side over behind Downtown so we have to make a good first impression.

Also, beaware of all the Anti-Luke blogs. They can tell if you like Luke and they will fill your computer up with all kinds of viruses and garbage. Only come to this blog where you get the straight facts and we don't even know what an IP adress is.