Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Opus on The Allegheny Conference on Community Development and its Affiliates

Hello from the city with angry teenagers rioting in the streets - Paris!

The Allegheny Conference on Community Development and its Affiliates is made of the cream of the Pittsburgh people. These people have risen to the top of the mountain and are given a view of the city that few others can comprehend. Together they are like the neutron bomb of change where as all the other little people of Pittsburgh are individually like the little caps that children put in their toy cap guns. Pittsburgh is very lucky to have such powerful men of vision who are willing to work together for the good of all. It reminds me of the Legion of Super Heros.

Since ancient times, all civilisations have needed fathers of vision to help the children citizens. Left alone, the children citizens would end up playing in mud and not eating well and basically soiling their pants. But thanks to the fathers of vision, the children can be let by their hand to a better place safely. That is what I see the The Allegheny Conference on Community Development and its Affiliates [TACOCDAIA] doing for the people of Pittsburgh.

A good example is how when TACOCDAIA was first conceived, they cleaned all the smoke from the city. If not for these Fathers of Vision coming together, the people of Pittsburgh would have kept putting smoke out of the steel mills and would have sat their coughing and wiping soot from their eyes. But thanks to TACOCDAIA, people can now come to Pittsburgh thinking it will be smokey and full of gloom, but will be surprised when it does not meet their expectation but is better. What better way to leave an impression and memory but with a surprise! So much I read people's reaction to visiting Pittsburgh as "I thought it would be ugly but it is beautiful!" It is like meeting a strange ugly girl on the Metro and convincing her to come to your apartment and then when you take off her glasses, let her hair down and take away her clothes, she then looks like Lindsey Lohan!!! You can thank TACOCDAIA for this transformation!

TACOCDAIA is responsible for Renaissance 1 and 2. As a European, I take exception to this because we are responsible for the real Renaissance 1. So one of the first things when I am invited to talk to the Fathers of Vision of TACOCDAIA, I will ask them to renumber their Renaissances. Therefore, they are responsible for Renaissances 2 and 3.

TACOCDAIA is responsible for almost everything in Pittsburgh (except for the bad stuff). They have built Downtown. They have given Culture to Downtown with its Culturial District. They are redecorating The Point State Park. You should think of TACOCDAIA as the interior designers of Pittsburgh for they are striving to make the city grand.

Every year TACOCDAIA gathers for their Annual Meeting to share their Visions with not the lowly people but the people just below the cream of the top. It has been suggested that I may someday speak at this grand meeting. I think that would be a great idea. I think I could share greatly because I to am full of Vision (that is why I contribute to this website to share my humble insight!).

In conclusion, Pittsburgh is very fortunate to have such a group as TACOCDAIA. These are very powerful men who could use their powers to crush the little people, but instead they have turned to use their powers for good. In the coming year, TACOCDAIA is celebrating the birthday of 250 for the city of Pittsburgh. I wish to suggest that the people of Pittsburgh turn the table and instead of celebrating the birthday, they should celebrate TACOCDAIA!!! There could be parades where all the members of TACOCDAIA walk through the canyons of their creation - Downtown - and the people of the city could share their thanks for TACOCDAIA's greatness. Dear, Little People of Pittsburgh? Could we make this idea a reality?

[I wish to thank Mr. Bram for insighting me to the existence of TACOCDAIA. I am sorry for my delay in producing this position paper but I wanted it to be extraordinary to reflect the glory of the topic.]

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is Dan Onorato Our Barry Bonds?

I saw a picture of Dan Onorato in the paper (yeah, that Republican paper that starts with a P and ends with Gazette) and I noticed that our County Executive looks a lot different than the Little Danny who use to be on City Council. It got me thinking, Is he using performance enhancing drugs?

Look at these two pictures...


after: Doesn't he look like he has Barry Bond's neck? If he is using performance enhancing drugs, I think that sets a bad president. He is a role model and is looked up to by the kids! Plus, I would hate to see such a handsome young man get lured into thinking that he needs that junk just to keep up with everyone else.

I am kind of mad that I am the first blog to endorse him for governor and NO ONE from his office has emailed me to accept the endorsement!!! If I find out that he has been taking Human Growth Steroids or Smart Drugs or Whatever, I am taking back my endorsement.

Don't you think that drug testing should be done on all people who are elected to such important places? We do it on sports people and what they do doesn't even effect my life except for the Steelers.

Monday, November 26, 2007

To My Fans and Mr. Bram....

I wish you not to worry. I am working on a very detailed analysis of the Allegheny Conference on Economic Development and its partners. It shall be the greatest of reads. I just wanted to tell you in case you thought I was dead, but NO! I am writing a master piece.

Plus, I shall be staying awake very late in order to watch the Steelers Football tomorrow morning. I have found a establishment that caters to fans of the Miami Dolphins who I assume have as great of a following as the Steelers. I must say Steelers Nation sounds much greater than Dolphin Nation.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dan Onorato Is My Hero!!!!

Earlier this week Dan Onorato had County Council change the county real estate website so people can't search by the property owners name. I say BRAVO Mr. Onorato for making the county safer for everyone.

We all know that there are crazy people out there and especially in Pittsburgh there are tons of nuts that have access to computers. Just think that some of those nuts could go to a website and findout where somebody lives and actually see a picture of their house let alone know how much they paid for it and see how much taxes they pay. That is just wrong.

Mr. Onorato has the write idea. It is all public information, but no where do it say you have to make it easy for people. What a great idea to take all the information off the internets and keep it all downtown. We all know that nobody goes downtown so all that information is safe down there and no nuts are going to see it.

In the end we are all safer. I think that all leaders should follow Mr. Onorato's lead and take all important information off the internets and put it downtown. They can do stuff like take all the phone numbers for all the city and county offices off the internets so that all those nuts can't make crazy phone calls downtown and bother people. Lots of money would be saved that way from employee's not having to answer stupid questions. If somebody has a real important question, it seems reasonable that they could go downtown and ask the question in person.

Mr. Onorato has shown some true leadership and I know it is really early to do this but just on his recent actions...

This Blog ENDORSES Mr. Dan Onorato for Governer.

Then he could move all the information with him to Harrisburg and really make all of Pennsylvania safer. Then only the most determined nuts would have to go to Harrisburg to get the information in person. We know that only real nuts travel to Harrisburg for any reason.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Response for My Friend Bram R

Hello from the Center of the World Paris!

I was going to write a post about how I missed the Steelers game against the Jet Airplanes due to the Train Stike here in France. I should have known they would loose due to my absence, but I spent my time putting together a great new website to be resourceful for anyone who loves Pittsburgh and is a citizen of Steelers Nation...

[Do not worry, this website will not detract for my precense here on ILUVLUKE]

I noticed a question directed toward me from My Friend Bram R asking "I'm interested to hear Pierre's take on the ACCD." While I am not familar with ACCD, I am egger to please and I am willing to develop and share my opinion. Here are my attempts. Please, Mr. Bram, let me know if I have answered your request?

The Association for Christian Character Development [ACCD] ( - If the religion is firering your soul, this may be useful. The website needs better design. The Discovery Seminar looks interesting dealing with such things as "breaking free from past hauntings/wounds" or "living as powerfully as you know is possible". Mr. Bram, be careful you may become a Godly superhero if you plan on attending.

American Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities [ACCD]( - This seems like a worthwhile organization. I too believe the disabled need help because disabled means they are unable to do things or unable to do them correctly. That is where we who are able should help them. I do not understand how this group helps for it seems they just have meetings.

Alamo Community Colleges [ACCD] ( - Mr. Bram, are you looking to go to school? This college seems far from Pittsburgh but if you are like other young people and looking to leave Pittsburgh, this might be a good choice for you. Follow your dreams!

The Alliance For Contraception in Cats and Dogs [ACCD] ( - I am all for non-surgically sterilizing dogs and cats. It seems they wish for cats and dogs to use the condom. I would not trust them to apply them correctly, but this group seems to believe that is possible. They do have a cute video here.

I hope Mr. Bram, I have answered your questions and you are now satisfied. If not, please let me know if I have missed the mark and I will try again for I am abled not disabled.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Light Up Night!!!

Last night, I went with my jaggoff family downtown for Light Up Night. It is always so special. No body wanted to go because they thought it was too cold, but I was able to drag my grandson Little Frankie and my son Tony. The three of us went down in Tony's tow truck. I was sure parking would be a problem but Tony knows all the parking lot people so we were able to find a spot and park for FREE!

Light up night brings back so many memories of when I was a child and my dad would take me and my sisters to go downtown to look at the Horne's Christmas tree all lit up. We'd ride the trolly down and look at the tree and then we'd tag around with my dad as he went to different bars and talked to his friends. Me and my sisters would play under dirty pool tables among old peanut shells and we'd eat hard boiled eggs while we waited for my dad. I realized later that it was just a way to get us kids out of the house when my mother was being a nag, but it still brings back so many good memories. And then we'd get dad on the trolly back home and he'd be singing Christmas carols and barely able to stand up. God bless his soul.

So I was hoping to create nice memories for my Little Frankie. We got to see The Mayor light up the Christmas tree. That was great to see him in person. He looks more handsome in real life than in the pictures if you can believe that. He reminds me George Clooney crossed with Brad Pitt with a little Matt Damon in him. We are so lucky to have such a handsome Mayor!
Little Frankie got to email Santa Claus his wish list and then later we got to see Santa. We had some coco and watched some fireworks. Little Frankie wanted to get his face painted like Hines Ward because he was wearing his Hines Ward jersey so the little girl face painting just smeared his face with some brown makeup and that made him happy. We went and watched some people do some dancing on the ice rink. That was nice.

My only complaint for the night was the Highmark "Unity Tree". It is a CHRISTMAS tree!!!!! Can't we just put Christ back in CHRISTmas and call it a CHRISTMAS TREE!? Thank God, they got rid of Sparkle Season!!!!

In conclusion, I want to say that Light Up Night is great. It is like the only night of the year where it is safe to go downtown at night so it is really nice to go down and see it so full of people. It is just like the old days when it was busy down there all the time. I could tell that most of the people are from the suburbs and it would be nice if only people in the city would be allowed to enjoy it but it is still a nice event. So now I am all in the Christmas spirit.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


There seems to be a lot of pain in Pittsburgh after the election among those people who are Pittsburgh-haters. I have thought really hard about what to do about those 35% of the people who hate the town that they live in and I have determined that this should be a time for healing and bringing Pittsburgh back together.

I don't want to be mean and rub in the fact that their candidate lost, but it is time for us to move past the past election and move forward and come together. So if you are full of hate and anger after the election, I have put together some resources for you to help you come out of the election a better person. I have found somethings that you type of people might find useful in growing up and stop being crybabys.

If you voted for ReSantis, you would likely be into Hug Therapy. Here is a book you can read.

You might want to organize a big group hug for all the ReSantis supports here in Pittsburgh. Maybe you could follow this website as a guide. It looks like something you would be into.

You might also be into getting you aura cleansed.

Or you might want to get something else cleaned.

So I recommend you stay away from your pot pipes and your fancy wines and whisky to drown your sorrow and heal yourselfs so we can make Pittsburgh a better place. There are a hole bunch of us already making Pittsburgh better so why do join us and I promise I'll try not to make fun of you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Steeler Nation Update

Grand Morning from glorious glowing Paris

After a exciting week last week with the triumph of the Great Mayor Luke, I forgot to update you on my citizenship in the Steelers Nation!

I was able to watch the Ravens lose to the Mighty Steelers. You might ask how I stayed awake last week to watch it. Well, my friend Andre who I have converted into a fan of the Pittsburgh hooked a digital recorder of video to the television at his job and we watched it the next day in the department store. Even though we knew the Steelers would triumph, it was still exciting to see the football fly so gracefully into the touchdown zone so many times!!!

This past Sunday when the Steelers battled the Browns, again Andre was working so I ventured to the Department Store. We have become a fixture in front of the Satellite television. Andre has set up a sofa and hooked up a loud stereo sound system so we can enjoy to the maximum. We must be careful so Andre's boss does not get angry at us. It is good that he is a Christian and takes Sundays off so he does not witness our merrymaking. Now we must make sure that Andre's co-workers do not become jealous of Andre having so much fun at work. I am laboring to convert them to the love of Pittsburgh.

What fun watching the Browns lose. And the excitement of Big Ben lumber his large frame into the touchdown zone!! What animal is the Browns? I believe it is the worst name in the National Football Legion.

Again my record is 1000% in watching the Steelers triumph!!! May I never see the Steelers lose!

Monday, November 12, 2007

More Analysis

I agree with ILuvLuke's insightful post-election analysis completely. Luke won and he is still Pittsburgh's Mayor. The Mark DeSantis yuppies have been put in their place. (Which, unfortunately, appears to be Shadyside, Pt. Breeze and Sq. Hill. I am starting to wonder if these places are really part of Pittsburgh, even though I live in Sq. Hill.)

I wanted to add a little analysis of my own. Something like only 30 or 40 percent of registered voters turned out on election day. Some people say this a small percentage, less than half. And, therefore, not everyone supports Luke. I say they are wrong. Just because someone does not vote does not mean they don't support the Mayor! Besides, I am sure these people had good reason not to vote. It was very windy on election day, and some of them had probably just had their hair done. Also, it was the day after a Steelers Monday night football game. Probably lots and lots of people were nursing IC Light Hangovers. How could they vote? I do not know why they couldn't just move election day to Wednesday! Or even Saturday when not as many people have to work. Or why not have a whole election week? If the weather is crappy on Tuesday, it might clear up on Thursday and then people can go vote without getting their hair mussed. We can put a man on the moon so why can't we have an election week?

But, the fact that not many people voted means that even more people Support Luke, Pittsburgh's Mayor. Here is how I see it. Most of these people who stayed home did so because they knew Luke would win, and since they were going to vote for him anyway, they really did not need to bother to get out and vote. Luke did not need any more votes, but everyone supports him. I think this is really generous and kind of the democratic party. Many of them stayed home and didn't vote. That way, Luke's margin of victory was not TOO large. I think this was really very, very kind and generous of Democrats and Luke supporters--because it gave Luke enough votes, but not so many as to make ReSantis look really bad. It made ReSantis think he might have had a chance. It was really very kind of democrats to create this illusion for some republican loser who never had a chance. That proves why democrats are the leading party in Pittsburgh and will always be. Democrats have compassion for their Republican opponents. In fact, I think we should start a new term: Compassionate Liberals.

And, like I said above, all those people who did not vote probably do support Mayor Luke. Besides, that is the way it works in a democracy. Once someone wins election to office, then everyone must get behind him and support him because America loves a winner, no matter what.

Anyway, probably next election even more people can stay home, because, as ILuvLuke wrote, Luke is Pittsburgh's Mayor, for life.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Post Election Analysis

I don't do much analysis but here is what I see.

Luke Won.

That means that Pittsburgh Loves Luke and everyone should now get off his case.

Just looking at the map showing where Luke won, it was pretty much everywhere so that means everyone supports him. All those "mistakes" that were getting blown out of proportion just mean that people support him and support his "mistakes". That means they want him to go golfing with Tiger Woods. They want him to have a nice car to take his wife on concerts and date.

It also shows that people like him acting like a 27 year old. When he goes to get elected next time, he is going to be a 29 year old, but I'm sure people wont care if he continued acting like a 27 year old because there isn't that big of a difference between 27 and 29.

Now that The Mayor is still the Mayor he can be Mayor for Life and this great blog can contiue. I'm sure The Mayor has higher callings like maybe taking Dan Onorato's place when Dan become Governor, but I'll still be able to run this blog because I (and all of Pittsburgh) will continue to Luv Luke.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All my hard work has paid off.

Luke Won so We won!!!!

Plus I did my first live blogging last night. It was very exciting, but I had to go to bed early and I missed all the good speeches. It is just like when I went to bed after the first quarter of the Steelers game. You just know who is the winner.

Thank you God for answering all my prayers. There is good in the world. And Pittsburgh is going to continue becoming greater. Luke is now Mayor for Life. And if you don't like it, move to Squirrel Hill or Shadyside which I think we should annex to Wilkensburg.

Beautiful Machine

Ooops! Silly me. I wrote this post earlier today, after a sleepless night partying for Luke. I thought 75% of Allegheny County voters voted a straight democratic ticket. But now I find out (thanks to Chris Potter of the City Paper) that it is really only 20%. Silly me. Well, I still think it is a great thing to choose a side and stick with it no matter what, I guess it's just that not as many people are doing that as I thought. What is really important is that Luke won and I am proud to be part of the wining side even if lots of people think ReSantis would have been a better Mayor!--Gay4Luke

Today I am happy, proud, and, yes, a little bit turned on to be part of the great and powerful democratic machine which has risen up and rolled through and elected Pittsburgh's Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. Think of this: According to the Allegheny County Board of Elections, in Allegheny County, 75% of the voters voted a straight democratic ticket. They did this just as they have always done, just as their fathers and their fathers' fathers have always done! How could Luke possibly lose in this great tradition of voting for democrats? How could some Republican ever think he might win? It really is a beautiful thing because we know the democratic party is great and true and right. So we do not even have to think, we can just push that button for a straight democratic ticket and be done with it quick and easy. Also, by not having to page through a long ballot making individual choices, we save lots and lots of time in the polling place. Then we can get on with our shopping and other important things. And we can assure that the democrats will alway be elected which is as it should be in this great democracy of Pittsburgh. That's why they call it a DEMocracy--because it is run by democrats. They don't call it REPocracy, do they? It's just such a beautiful thing to pick a side and stick with it no matter what. I am glad I have chosen the democratic side (unlike my evil dead republican father) because today I can say I am a winner. "Mark DeSantis for Mayor" Hah!

We Have All Together Won Greatly

From your twin city Paris....

Congratulation on your supreme triumph great Pittsburgh's Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

I wish there was a way to send you a group of red roses through email for you would find a large wreath of them from me. Also, I wish I could have delivered to your office a bottle of Pittsburgh's finest Champagne for you to pop the cork and to spray all over your office. Did your staff pour a cooler of sports drink over you? This seems to be the American way to say Victory by making the great victor wet with sports drink. I pour my sports drink on you, great Pittsburgh Mayor!

[May I point out that blogger spell check that I rely very heavy upon takes the name "Ravenstahl" and wishes to change it to "Ravenously"!]

I am so gleeful that you have triumphed because that means the following...

- This blog will continue. While even if Luke would have received defeat, we would still love him. I believe it would have been harder to blog about him if he were unemployed or selling cars.

- I may continue my plans of visiting the city of Pittsburgh and I now may recieve the Great Golden Key to the City when I arrive. I will hopefully be treated in the highest style and may sore at the great levels of the Eagles of Power of the City of Pittsburgh.

So with that, I leave you with this great saying in France, "Mange ton poisson à présent qu'il est frais, marie ta fille à présent qu'elle est jeune." It translates "Eat your fish while it is fresh, marry your daughter while she is young."

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm going to bed...

I have to call it a night. The IC Lights are catching up with me. I'm hearing figures like 63% for The Mayor with half the places in so I am calling the elction.

Luke is the winner!!!!

I'm Live Blogging the Election from My Diningroom

I'm sitting here in my diningroom blogging the election. I'm going to try to update it when ever I hear anything interesting.

So far, i have heard that a crate full of Kleenex boxes have been dropped off at the ReSantis Headquarters at the Fox Chapel Yacht Club.


Today is the big day.

Last night, I got one of those recorded phone calls and it started off with The Mayor reminding me to vote and then on came Judy OConnor Bob OConnor's ex-wife. It was the saddest thing. I couldn't even listen to the whole thing because it was so heartbreaking. She had gone through so much this past year and then to hear her gather the strength to urge me to vote for The Mayor. I was so touched. Then less than a minute later, I got a phone call and it was ReSantis. All my good sad warm feeling went away and there was his droning voice of gloom and doom. I thought how sneaky and dirty of him to be following Judy OConnor's phone calls. Doesn't he have any respect for the DEAD! It almost ruined my eveniung but then I watched the Steelers and felt better.

This morning, I was one of the first ones at my polling place this morning. I walked in proudly with Luke stickers on my jacket. I know all the workers at my polling place because I've been going there my whole life, but this morning they told me that I couldn't have the stickers on in the polling place. Said there can't be campaigne material in the polling place. They said I could cover them up. I couldn't believe it. What jaggoffs. I had like 8 stickers on my jacket so I had to vote with my arms over my chest like I was naked and covering myself. I'm going to complain to the County Election Board. That ruined my voting experience. I wanted to savor the moment when I pushed the electronic button for Luke, but instead I was just soooo angry and embaressed.

On my way out of the polling place, I ran into Helen who was just coming in. You might remember Helen was the old neighbor lady who unbelievably said she still hadn't made up her mind to vote for The Mayor weeks ago. I didn't say anything to her but I gave her my best evil eye and she said to me, "My vote is going to cancel out yours." I guess she was saying that she is not voting for The Mayor. What a PooPoo Head.

If you are a PooPoo Head and still haven't made up your mind, just remember Bob OConnor and vote for The Mayor.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Have you seen this?

Have you scene this site? Republicans for Luke!!!!!

It is awful that THEY are resorting to joke parody sites to tranish the good Mayor. How low can they go?

Words To The Blind People of the City

Hello for Paris - the big sister city of Pittsburgh.

I am so excited about the election tomorrow. My brain is frothing.

The city must be so excited with Mr. Luke on the television in commercials, with signs for him everywhere, his picture posted on every light pole, spontantious parades where workers leave work and parade down streets with chants and songs about the great Mayor. Bars full of his supporters singing songs of his praises into the wee morning? Cars must be decorated with loudspeakers speaking his inspirational words. Have lines formed outside the voting houses already? The residents who are living in the city must have an excitement of a man overdosing on Viagra!?!?

And is the city ready for the aftermath? Will people flock the streets in excitement with news of the victory of Mr. Luke? Will buses be over turned? Will couches and trash cans burn? Will anybody sleep on Tuesday night? Will anyone work on Wednesday? Nothing says a true victory as a victory riot!

As I know from watching the city from a far for so long that there are blind people in the city. They are not so smart and they fail to see the greatness nor the vision of the Great Mayor Ravenstahl. I have learned in my life that there will always be stupid people. In this election we will be able to see how many stupid blind people live in the city by seeing how many people vote for DeSantis. This is a great opportunity to do a great IQ test on the city. After the election, we have to figure what to do rid the city of the stupid blind people. I recommend an educational camp somewhere far away like Butler County.

On the eve of a great day for the great city of Pittsburgh, I urge all you dim blind people to resist your urge to vote for DeSantis and vote for Mr. Ravenstahl and in you excitement victory riot, please burn a couch in my honor!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

This Happened to ME!

I hope you are sitting down, because this is a terrible tale of SACRILEGE!! Let me start at the beginning. It is late Sunday AM, and I decide to go out for a nice double decaf skim mocha pumpkin latte. Normally I go to Coffee Tree Roasters on Murray in Squirrel Hill, which, as everyone knows was the favorite hangout of our late great democratic Mayor, Bob O'Conner. That Coffee Tree is just around the corner from my house. But, I decided to walk down to the Walnut Street Coffee Tree in Shadyside. It's a bit further, but along the way, I decided to count how many Luke campaign signs I would see versus how many ReSantis signs. In Squirrel Hill, I am happy to say there were more Luke signs! Of course, I was thinking it would be safe to go to Coffee Tree on Walnut because I figured it would be friendly to Bob O'Connor and democrats just like their Squirrel Hill location. Well, as I got closer to Walnut Street I saw more and more DeSantis signs, so I began to get worried. Then when I got to Walnut Street, there were all sorts of people wearing "Mark DeSantis for Mayor" t-shirts underneath their black suit jackets! And handing out ReSantis propaganda! There were also lots of young men in dark suits and cheap ties who looked like G-men or Mafiosos. They had hands full of ReSantis for Mayor propaganda!!! I almost turned around, but after a hard night of partying, I really needed that latte. Plus, I figured it would be safe to go into Coffee Tree since it was practically like Bob O's favorite place.

SO, I walk into Coffee Tree, and what do I see? More ReSantis minions. AND, believe it or not, there was Mark ReSantis himself!!! standing there near the cash register!!

This is the sacrilege part! I could not imagine how he had the nerve to set foot on what was practically Bob O'Connor's sacred democratic turf. Does the man have no respect for Bob's memory? I almost gagged as badly as I do when I read the Post Gagette newspaper!

Anyway, I steeled myself to stand in line and get my latte and vanilla biscotti. It suddenly dawned on me. This was the chance I was waiting for. I could ask ReSantis myself how he possibly thought, that, as a Republican, he should be mayor of Pittsburgh.

As I stood in line with the Shadyside yuppies, ReSantis was mere inches from me. I kept waiting for ReSantis to try to campaign to me, like he was doing to the other yuppies. He ignored me. I tried to get his attention, but everytime I looked at him, he looked away. Then he left the shop with his drones.

Well, I decided to walk up and down Walnut street, which ReSantis was also doing. I passed him THREE more times on the sidewalk, and each time he completely ignored me! The final time, I approached him in front of Cappy's, made eye contact, and he immediately ducked into Cappy's to avoid me.

I am so outraged (again!). How can he expect to get my vote if he is going to ignore me like that? I think it is his job to be nice and ask for my vote. Luke has never ignored me. I think ReSantis probably recognized my picture from all the times he has visited this Blog (statistics show it is true) and so he ignored me. Probably also because I am gay.

Anyway, here are more reasons to vote for Luke:

1. ReSantis ignores people (esp. gay men) in Coffee Shops and on the street.

2. I can now confidently tell you that ReSantis is uglier in person than he is in pictures and on TV. (unlike Luke, who I can tell you is handsomer in person).

3. ReSantis is also way older than Luke and looks even older in person. Because he is young, Luke stands less chance of dying while in office, and we do not need more dead mayors!

4. ReSantis was virtually dancing on the grave of our dear departed Mayor Bob O'Connor by campaigning in a Coffee Tree Roasters, which is sacred O'Connor turf, and we should not vote for republican people who have no respect for our dead democratic Mayors!

5. Even if Luke is a terrible Mayor (he is NOT, by the way!) the winner of this election will only be Mayor for two more years before we have another election. Nothing really bad can happen in two years, as long as we keep democrats in the Mayor's office. But there is no telling what might happen with a republican mayor because nobody can remember ever having one. After two years, we will be able to vote for a new Mayor (maybe even Luke again!), and we need to make sure we can keep a democrat in the Mayor's office to keep the tradition alive. But if we elect ReSantis, there is no telling what might happen and the long standing and rightful tradition of democrats will be broken. Even if Luke does not run again in two years, then we might be able to elect our first gay democratic mayor, unless he drops out of the race again.

6. ReSantis has no experience being Mayor or even in politics at all, but Luke has been Mayor for at least a year now. And even if he made a few mistake, I believe in getting experience on the job, so Luke will just keep getting to be a better democratic Mayor as long as we give him a chance and keep him in office. Being Mayor is not like running a business so ReSantis does not have any experience to be Mayor at all, even though he is a lot older (and looks it).

Well, I have written too much already so I will stop, even though I really have a LOT more to say. I just what you to remember what happened to me today when you go to the polls and no matter what else happens I hope you will vote for Luke to protect our important sacred traditions.


P.S. Prediction: Luke wins this election. Wins again in 2 more years, after continuing to do great job, and wins again and again to become one of Pittsburgh's greatest most beloved Mayors ever. Years from now, they re-name the new Hockey arena "Ravenstahl Rink" in his honor!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Parking Chair Update!

As you might have read in my previous post, someone stole my parking chair that I had decorated for the upcoming election with Luke signs. I went around asking all my neighbors if they knew anything about it. Some thought that the garbage man might have took it. I was surprised at how many people were mad at me for putting Luke stickers on there windshields. I didn't take the back off them. I put them under the wipers of the cars up and down my street a couple of nights ago - actually it was tricker treat night with the leftover stickers I was passing out . The next morning it rained and the backs came off the stickers and they stuck to the windshields. I was surprised at how mad people were but I don't know why they thought it was me. Nobody saw me.
Ok so I am the only person on the whole street with a Luke sign in front of my house - in fact it is 5 signs and I have been talking about the election for months but I put the stickers out there in the middle of the night so I don't know why anyone would think it was me! Oh well.

Regarding the parking chair. Nobody saw anything about that so I am still looking. I know I'm going to figure it out. I thought you might like to know.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Am So Mad Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You might think that I am mad because I wasn't even mentioned by the poopoo-gazette as a influencial woman blogger. But I am not mad about that. I figure what do you expect from a republican Pittsburgh hating paper? I have been very blessed to be running this website. A year ago, if you would have asked me if I would be running "The Best Blog In Pittsburgh" I would have laughed and then checked my liquor cabinet to see if you had been sneaking. But here I am with a whole group of new "cyber" friends and I'm on a mission running a great blog that is making our city a wonderful place just like our Mayor!

But here is what is making me mad! I had spent all weekend decorating my parking chair with Ravenstahl signs and making it look all pretty. I gave it a Halloween look and made it up really nice. I put some Luke signs on it with some tissue paper ghosts and a cardboard skeleton that I got at the drug store. I taped some pictures of Luke on it along with some leaves. But now it is gone. Someone stole my PARKING CHAIR!!!!!!

I had the thing out there for over 10 years without anyone touching it, but then I decorate it up for the upcoming election with some Luke signs and BAM.... its gone. So obviously, it has to do with a Luke Hating ReSantis Lover.

I can't believe the level that these maniacs will go. The Pittsburgh Parking Chair is serious business. If they will mess with a parking chair, just think what they will mess with if they get in power! Are they going to ban parking chairs? Outlaw the Pittsburgh left? Are they going to consolidate the three rivers down to two? Pittsburgh beware.

In other news, Halloween was really good for me. I passed out "Luke" stickers to all the little kids. They seemed so happy about it except for all those ungrateful kids who asked, "where's the candy?" The kids love the Mayor. But I was so mad that I didn't see any kids dressed up like The Mayor. I was going to follow SilverFoxy and give a dollar bill to the first kid dressed like The Mayor and since none showed up dressed like him, I played the numbers with it and my number almost hit. I did see lots of kids dressed up like ReSantis. They said they were zombies and goblins and gouls, but they sure looked like ReSantis to me!

I tried to get my grandson Little Frankie to dress up like The Mayor, but my jaggoff son and Little Frankie's jaggoff father said something about how some people might not like The Mayor and might not give him candy. While I thought of course those hateful ReSantis Lovers would make a kid cry by not giving them candy, I told him that he wasn't tricker treating in Squirrel Hill. This is the North Side and there might be one or two looney tunes on the North Side who are ReSantis Lovers but for the most part he would get MORE candy dressed like The Mayor. He didn't buy it and went as a Transformer. What jaggoffs I live with.

Now do you see why I am so mad?