Monday, October 29, 2007

Ravenstahl WINS The Endorsement From This Website

This website has chosen to endorse Luke Ravenstahl for Mayor of Pittsburgh.

For us, it was an obvious choice because he is the best candidate.

Mr. Ravenstahl has the experience of being Mayor while the other guy does not. Think about it. If you were having brain surgery would you go with the guy who has actually been in an operating room? Or would you go with the guy who has "some good ideas" on how to do brain surgery? We would stick with the one with experience.

The Mayor, besides being one of the best looking mayors during our lifetime, has gotten the youngsters of the city excited about the future. There is a whole generation of Pittsburgh kids who can now say, "If that guy can do it, I can to!" The Mayor has shown that greatness is within reach for all of us. Now these kids instead of sitting there thinking, "Dude, I'll never be great because I am lame." They can now say, "I can reach greatness no matter what." That is what they call inspiring hope which is what The Mayor has done.

The Mayor has a grand vision for the city and that is nice. It is like having our own little JFK right here in Pittsburgh. And the great thing is that he is young and he can be mayor for a very long time. Many people are jealous of him because he is young. Us older people like him but it seems to be the middle age people who have wasted their youth smoking dope and listening to rock music are the ones who are his harshest critics because they wish they were in his young fancy shoes. They are the ones who wish they could be out until 2am going to concerts but instead they are stuck with their miserable lives sitting behind their keyboards blogging. They are also the ones who wasted their lives getting masters degrees instead of actually doing real things that normal 27 year olds do. We must remember Envy is one of the deadly sins.

The Mayor has brought out the best in the city. Take for example this Blog. If it were not for The Mayor, this Blog won't be around.

So in conclusion, we endorse Luke Ravenstahl for Mayor.

[There you go. There is our endorsement. And unlike the Post Gazette, we didn't spend half of it being all negative about that poo head other guy who is running for Mayor.]