Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Warning To Parents In The City Who Are Going To Take Their Kids Tricker Treating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are a parent and you live in the city and you are planning on taking your little precious ones out for Tricker Treating, don't go to any houses that have "ReSantis" signs in there yards.

Rumor has it that besides filling your kids bag up with a bunch of campain material, they are also going to be passing out really bad treats. Rumor has it that they are going to be passing out the following...

- Apples! ORGANIC APPLES! How awful!
- They are going to be passing out something called "Veggie Bootie" which is like little pieces of cardboard that is covered with veggitable dust. It is what they feed their kids instead of Cheese Doodles.
- They are going to be getting rid of all the left over vegitables from their local organic farm subscriptions which is where they get boxes of useless vegitables that "are in season" so your kid is going to end up with brussel sprouts and spinach and squash and maybe a head of cabbage.
- They might also give out toothbrushes. Or stuff about saving the planet!
- Beaware of stuff covered in "carob"!!! It looks like chocolate but ITS NOT. It is made of vegitables and they cover their dog biscuts with it so they can give their dogs chocolate because they think chocolate will give their dogs heart attacks.

Unless you want your kids to cry, don't go Tricker Treating at any ReSantis households!!!

I keep telling my grandson Little Frankie that if he is not good we are only going Tricker Treating at ReSantis houses. Then I tell him if he is not really good I'm going to dress him up like ReSantis (where I'd make him wear the frankenstien outfit he wore last year). But I really want him to go as the Little Luke Ravenstahl where he would wear his first communion suit and look all nice. That will be so great! So that little jaggoff better behave.