Friday, October 12, 2007

What Happened To Me!

It was such a nice fall day yesterday, I decided to walk down to the Giant Eagle over here on the Northside and get a pack of cigarettes and some toilet paper. I got my stuff and was heading back home when I ran into my neighbor Helen. She is old. Way older than me. I hadn't seen her in a while and there she was struggling to carry 3 or 4 full bags of groceries out of the parking lot.

I said hi to her and I mentioned how I hadn't seen her in a while. She explained how she was having problems with her knees. She had applied through Medicare to get a scooter but she had no idea how long it would take. I offered to carry her bags because it was such a long walk back to her house.

As we walked along, we talked about all kinds of stuff. We talked about our families. We talked about our neighbors. With her being laid up in her house, I filled her in on all the latest gossip. Then we started talking about the neighborhood and she mentioned that she had gotten something in the mail that morning from "ReSantis"! I asked her what she thought and she said that he seemed to be A NICE YOUNG MAN!!!!

I asked if she was going to vote for him. She said she hadn't made up her mind. I asked her what about THE OTHER NICE YOUNG MAN! She said with all the incidents that have happened she wasn't as sure as she once was. She said she still found him a nice handsome young man but she hadn't made up her mind yet.

So I asked in disbelief, "So Helen, you would actually vote for a REPUBLICAN?!?!?!" She said she hadn't made up her mind yet.

So I set her bags down on the sidewalk of East Ohio Street and said, "On your long walk back to your house ALL BY YOUR SELF, that should give you enough time to think about who to vote for and make up your mind!!!!" and I walked off.

I saw her a couple hours later coming up the street under the street light. I wanted to go out on my porch and ask her if she had learned her lesson but it was too dark and cold out. I hope that taught her a lesson.