Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Am One to Be Happy that The Mayor is a GMC Truck Man!!

Hello from the high-thinking Paris France:

I have been reading in shock about the hurricane over Mr. Ravenstahl's choice of car. I have seen it here and here and here.

First I find it surprising and exciting that people care so much about what the Mayor drives. I understand that most people care about the mayor and wish for him to travel to and fro in comfort but I was surprised that so many people have an opinion! Next may I suggest that we talk about his choice of shoes or the color of his neck tie?

I personally was surprised that the mayor does not travel in a Hummer. We in France do not have the privilage to have the great Hummer on our roads. I was surprised that it is not issued as a standard for all great leaders in your country?

The only way we know Toby Keith in France is by his song "I'm a Ford Truck Man." This was a very big hit over here with certain progressive people wearing their cowboy hats and enjoying their pants of blue deniem being held up by big belt buckles. I was glad to see that Mr Ravenstahl is among this group of people. I think it shows a good sign to be interested in the roots and values of "country music". Now the thing that surprises me is that the mayor did not pick from his vast fleet of vehicles a Ford Truck to ride to the concert!

I began thinking about this and thought it would not be good to ride a pick up truck when you have bring yourself, a body guard and driver and your wife. Then you might want to bring a friend so that leaves like your bodyguard and your friend riding in the back of the truck with the elements and the charcoal grill! At least with the Great Yukon the friend and the grill can be crammed into the very back. It might be uncomfortable for the friend but at least he gets to ride along on the beams of glory that trail the great mayor.

Since we do not have the Great Tahoe in France either I had to look it up. I found this picture and I thought, "This looks like something The Batman would drive!" I love it. It looks like a super hero car. Now I see why the mayor must drive this type of car. I wish to travel in one when I visit Pittsburgh some time in the future.

Those are my thoughts of the day. Thank you all "n'at"!!!!

From Pierre (logged into ILuveLukes account so I may do repairs and maintain the high quality of this site while she is away playing the slot machines in Atlantic City)