Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all Fellow Mayor Lovers

from Mr. Tinklebreath, Pittsburgh's best Graphic Artsist!!!
(by the way I am fine and healthy. I have been having problems with viruses that keeps getting on my computer that make naked men pop up on my computer plus My granddaughter Tiffany has been using the computer for her customer service job. I don't know much about it but she has to have the door locked with music playing and needs a web cam. I am so proud that she is working hard to send herself through beauty school. My computer time is limited but as you all know family comes first. Have a Happy Thanksgiving)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Day of Birth Pittsburgh

Hello from the European Pittsburgh of Paris

So yesterday was your day of Birth Pittsburgh? You must have had a large party with hats and cake! I hope the People of Vision planned a grand buffet and losened the shackles for the common people to wander down to the river where George Washington declared the city of Pittburgh!!! It must have been a wonderful day for you. The city must have stood still and sang the song of birthday as one. Did Mr. Big Ben lead the singing?

You must have been up all night partying in the rivers and throwing the paper snow with drinks and singing. Did you do the Hands Across The Pittsburgh? Where everyone grabbbed hands to form a human chain of gladness to show togetherness? We in France were so jellyous when you Americans did the Hands Across America? In France, we do not do such fun things.

With the birth of Cooper and the Birth Party of the city, it must be crazy in my adoptable city and then you have the Steelers going to the Super Bowl? My brain has become a puddle of excitement.
Who is the sexe girl on the 250 Birthday Website? Do all women of Pittsburgh look this way? I am a puddle ( not a poodle).

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Hart Flutters with Boundless Joy

From the always exciting Paris...

I know my posting on the Blog of Note has been less, it is because my job haas become like a chicken (or a Turkey for your Americans) with its head chopped off ( Have you seen the video of the always full of sexiness Ms. Palin among the Turkey slaughter? Why be shocked when she is a woman who survived many cold winters in the warmth of slaughtered bellys of raindeer?)

Anyway, I have seen the future of my job. I have been the head techical wizard of the fax machines of a large French multinational organization. But I see that the Fax machine is not the future here in Franch. I have often heard that Pittsburgh is 20 years behind everything so you must be just being introduced to the marvels of the Fax Machine. I ask you to petition all your high tech Business People of Vision to invite me to move to my adoptable city of Pittsburgh to introduce you to wonders of the Fax!!!

If you have not heard, you place a piece of paper in one of these machines of wonder and press a button and with magic of technology you can send the piece of paper to another Fax Machine anywhere in the world and that piece of paper with come out!!! This has come in very handy to learn about new business opportunities or to hear about "time share properties" or new things that you may sell! I think the people of Pittsburgh will stand in awe of such wonders.

Please call your High Tech Council for me and petetion them to give a grant for me to relocate to your city and spread the wonder!

So you may wonder why my hart flutteres? I have just read that Mr. Tony Norman is my number one fan!!! By being my fan he has shown the largness of his brain and all you Pittsburghers should follow he lead.

In tribute, I fired up the Paint program on my computer (as a high technologist this is not my best skill I will admit) and made this tribute to our new long lasting friend ship. Link

Sunday, November 9, 2008

You Must Be Dance on Roofs!!!

Hallo Pittsburgh! I am glad and we still Celebration all over from Paris for you!

We are so happy in the same way that you are? I have seen the videos on the Pittburgh News Channels of the students out in the streets happy. No burning and chanting up satan. Just pure bliss. It is super to see so many people happy and joyous over the arrival of one person in a very historic moment.

You are so lucky to be there in the most adoptable city of Pittsburgh during this great time. The chosen one has come!!!!

Welcome the true baby mayor COOPER RAVENSTHAL!!!

As you may know I am a good catholic like the mayor. I believe that the baby becomes human at conception and while I believe that the baby was concieved in Paris, I therefore state that the baby is FRENCH. And he will be the first French Mayor of Pittsburgh!

Welcome to the planet earth, Mr. Cooper

Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote for Hillary Tomorrow

From the Northside

(I am sorry I have been away from this blog. I have been busy making Little Frankie's Halloween costume again this year - he went as The Mayor Luke Ravenstahl again this year but I made the golf shirt all myself)

If you are like me and I think most of you are, you can't wait until tomorrow is done. I am just sick of it but you have to do your American duty tomorrow and vote.

If you are like me and I think most of you are, you have never voted for a black man before. Once he beat Hillary (who I was a big supporter) it became obvious that since I always vote Democrat, I was going to have to vote for a black man. Now don't get me wrong, I am not a racist. I have lots of people who live around me who are colored. So I am just pointing out a fact - he is black. And I have never voted for a black man before.

(As a side note, I want to say how made I am at that Martha guy for calling Western PA racist rednecks)

So I have been think that tomorrow when I pull the lever ( I GUESSS IT IS NOT A LEVER ANY MORE !!!) So when I push the tv screen, for Oboma, I am just going to think that I am voting for Hillary because that is really who my vote is for.

When I think about McCain I think I am as old as that guy. I have a hard enough time keeping regular let alone run a country!!! What is he thinking! What does he want to be, the first president to ride around in one of those scooters?

I guess what I am saying is go out and vote tomorrow.

(and Monk, I know you are crazy and since you are a Luke supporter can you tone it down so they don't think all Luke supporters are out of our minds?)