Friday, October 26, 2007

My New Fantastic Story

Hello from Paris...

In my last post, I stated about the future "the local boggers will complain with things like "Grand Mayor Luke Ravenstahl XI took a GMC Space Defender 3000 which is actually a Home Solar System Security Space Craft to see the Tiger Woods cyborg replicant that was grown from actual Tiger Woods DNA.""

I enjoy the science fiction. So I have written the following story of shortness.....

My brain phone in the center of my brain was ringing. I answered it and it was The Grand President of All The Americas, Luke Ravenstahl.

"Pierre, I know you are in your grand penthouse apartment in Paris right now, and you have been such a grand help in making Pittsburgh the Capital of the All The Americas, but I need a personal consultation with you. Are you available?"

I checked my calendar. "My secretary has me leaving for my vacation house in Japan in a few hours to spend the weekend with Lindsy Lohan who is now clean and sober, but I will delay my trip and come to Pittsburgh now." I told the Grand President.

I jumped on the Maglev train from Pittsburgh to Paris that was built at a cost of $110000 trillion dollars and despite the expense, I was able to make it to Pittsburgh in 20 minutes. A parade of black limos met me at the Maglev station and drove me with police escort to "the Green Zone". We drove through the heavy guardians surrounding Grant Street Area. And I rode the solid gold evelator to the 80th floor of the City County Grand Capital of All The Americas Building that led me directly to Mr. Ravenstahl's office.

The elevator door opened and Mr. Ravenstahl stood up from behind his desk.

"Pierre, it is so good to see you. It has been so long." He came from behind his desk and shook my hand and we gave each other the european kiss on the two cheeks.

"Pierre, here is a cigar and a gobblet of scotch from Mr. Ford." Mr. Ravenstahl lit my cigar and the scotch tasted grand.

"Pierre, you have done so much for me but also for helping to make the Great City of Pittsburgh into the Capital of All of The Americas. You might think I might have forgotten that today is your birthday?"

I was surprised that with all the great things that Mr. Ravenstahl must keep in his mind that he would remember my humble birthday. "Sir, I am surprise."

"You are surprised now? Just wait." He motioned for me to walk over to a tall grand window. I walked over and we were so high up you could see all of Pittsburgh below.

"Happy Birthday, Pierre." Mr. Ravenstahl said and he pointed toward Mountain Washington. On the top was a 500 foot tall gold statue of myself looking out over Pittsburgh.

A tear grew in my eye. It was the greatest honor to be recognized for all my hard work in helping to make Pittsburgh the greatest city it had become.

The End