Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ReSantis-Satan: Is There a Connection?

Do NOT have Little Frankie dress up in his communion suit for Trick or Treat!!!! Oh my God, no! Halloween is the devil's holiday, and he does not like it one bit when trick or treaters dress like they are going to eat the body and and drink the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ on his holiday. (By the way, does anybody give that out on Halloween?) No, I am telling you Satan would not like this one bit. No matter how cute Little Frankie looks! I am afraid Satan might get so mad he would cause ReSantis to get elected, and we cannot have that. You know how Satan is! He has the power to make people vote wrong (that is, republican). Oh my God, wait! I just figured something out! ReSantis might BE Satan. Look: mArk deSANTis!!!!! All the letters are there you just have to rearrange them. Letters do not lie. Well, this as all the more reason to vote for Luke, who looked so cute in his first communion outfit. We know Luke is not Satan!