Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Steelers Are A Bomb of Hydrogen Destroying Everything

Hello from the only other great city that starts with P - Paris!

The Steelers of Pittsburgh have Triumphed again!

I was able to watch them this past weekend at the Department Store after failing last weekend to watch them. I had to work all the previous weekend and missed the great Steelers playing the Red Birds. I was confused because I thought Cardinals were members of the church and voted for the Pope but then I find that they are a red bird that lives in a waste land of the desert that is the State of Arizonza! I have learned so much.

I blame myself for the Heroic Steelers only lose because I failed to do what I did to help them win. Do others feel this same power in the Steelers Nation where their own personal rituals control the game and its out come? I never felt so much like a pagen wanting to slaughter a goat. Now I understand the Power of the Universe!

I met up again with my now fellow Steelers fan Andre who works at the Department Store. He missed me the past week and he is now asking ME questions of Pittsburgh and what it is about. Have I made a convert?

While niether of us are wizards of American Football, we are finding the joy from it. To most of you who have breathed Steelers since coming from between your mother's legs, we might seem like retarded alien children in kindergarten, but we believe our joy is universal and we are likely the formost knowledgable of the American Football in all of France. We both agree that for the first time in our brief lives we are the best at something!

I was full of joy watching the Mighty Steelers hurt so greatly the Birds of the Sea. I now know that we have a week of rest this coming Sunday to let our hearts rest from their hard work. I look forward to the Heroic Steelers to battle the Horses of Denver.

Is this feeling of joy that I feel the normal in our Steelers Nation? Thank you for letting me be a resident!