Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mr Shield is a Quiter before Beginning

From Close to Spring Time in Paris

I read that Mr. Shields will not run against the undefeetable Mr. Steelerstahl. I believe that he has seen his future that would be if he did and it would be the realization that he is a failure. I realize the prospect of being told you are a failure by a whole town is a fright so it is easier to fail before you begin and get it over with. I congrat Mr. Sheilds on his wise move. Now may Mr. Steelerstahl move forward like the Steelers and win and make the whole Steelers Nation proud.

Like Big Ben, I must admit that I am doing this with an injury. I have a small cut on my finger so please have pitty for me and see that I am full of bravery!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For I Wish to Thank All of Steelers Nation

From the Blacked and Goldened Paris!!!!

I wish to thank every Steeler and Steeler fan for welcoming me into the Steeler Nation. I have been warmed by your black and golden shower of love and adoration.

Through the gray winter times of Paris, I have my heart float to my most adoptable city of Pittsburgh where I beleieve the sun always shines and is always peaking like a smile face from behind the city's lovely hills. In most pictures of Pittsburgh, I see the blue sky and I dream of being there. It might be cold and I have coat on but inside I am warm with good thoughts and good feelings. After your Super Bowl win, Pittsburgh, you are like a woman on the morning after a night of love and passion. You stay in bed. I will bring you breakfast.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Hello from Paris...
We have had celebrated here too! It is marvel!
Joy Forever Viva Steeler McBeam!

I live blog these scenes from the streets of Paris after the big game. The city erupted like a pimple of excitement like a mad insane crazy spastic prison ship landing on the island of Lesbos during spring break... Crawzy! MAD! Given it was very early in the morning, my Turkish friends saved some gallons of red wine and woke up the local Leftists and we commenst our celebration Europe-Style. I hope to see pictures of YINZ soon celebrating.