Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pat Ford Has A New Fan

I try to never Blog on Sundays but when I opened my paper this morning I saw a picture of the most handsomest man. It is Pat Ford who is the new head of the URA.
I don't know much about the URA or development or business but if he does his job as good as he looks then I know the URA is in good hands.
Why is it that The Mayor surrounds himself with such good looking men? It reminds me of the Rat Pack. They are such good looking guys. I would say that The Mayor is Frank Sinatra. Yaronne is Dean Martin. And Pat Ford is Peter Lawford. I don't think there are any black people in The Mayors administration so I don't know who the Sammy Davis Jr is.
The sad thing about Pat Ford which is the same sad thing about The Mayor is that both are married. Not that I would like to go out with them because I am married too. I just think it is good for the city to have young good looking men who are single. I guess that leaves us with Yaronne.
I like the fact that Mr. Fords smokes and drinks and he is proud of it. Jump off a bridge all you Political correct Potatoheads who are going to say "what kind of example is he setting for the children." I think the only person that the kids care about is The Mayor because he is really the role model for the whole city.
I can't wait to get to bingo and see if the other ladies saw the picture and to hear what they have to say.