Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Goodbye Myron Cope

By Strawberry Way

I am so sad that Myron has passed on. I felt about him the same way I felt about my husband. Sometimes I thought he was stupid. Sometimes I liked him. Sometimes he made me happy. The only difference is that my husband is still alive and living on the third floor of my house. What a jaggoff.

I did what most Pittsburghs did when they listened to the Steelers. I would turn on the TV and turn down the sound and turn on the radio and listen to Myron. The biggest problem was when the Steelers games moved to WDVE, I would some times get up in the morning after a game and turn on my radio and I'd hear that awful rock music. I hated that. Or worse I'd turn it on and those jaggoffs Jimmy and Kren would be telling one of their dirty nasty pornographic comedy things. Ugh, I'd almost vomit and my day would be ruined.

Myron was so cute. I sometimes thought he had to be a muppet. When I got my dog, he was so ugly and cute at the same time that I had to name him Myron Cope. So while Pittsburgh doesn't have the real Myron Cope, I still have my ugly mutt Myron to keep me company.

When I'd be watching Steelers games, I often felt like me and Myron were drinking IC Light together. He was my drinking partner. We laughed together. We cried together. We yelled nonesense together. He will be missed.

One of my fondest memories of my life was when the whole Terrible Towel thing took off thanks to Myron. My son Frankie loved his Terrible Towel. He would wear it around like a cape and called himself Super Steelers Man. For one Christmas when Frankie was like 10, I thought I'd do something nice so I made him a quilt made out of about 20 terrible towels sowed together. I'm not a good sower so when the first night he slept with it my hisband and me were woken up by my son screaming. We ran in and my quilt had fallen apart and Frankie was so tangled up in it that he was trapped. My husband and I doubled over laughing. My husband had to go get his camera. It looked like Little Frankie was getting eaten by the Terrible Towl Monster. It is one of my favorite photos with Frankie screaming and yelling. It is cute.

So good by Myron. Whenever I pet my dog Myron. I'll think of you. When ever I let my dog Myron lick the rim of my beer can, I'll think of it as a tribute to you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is Strawberry Way! All so known as ILuvLuke!

I BET you thought the Headline would be "I AM SO MAD!!!!!" But notice that it says "GLAD!" And it is not just because I have given up being Mad for Lent! It is because Brian O'Neill has finally said something that I would have said! You can read it hear -link!

Especially when he says...

"But unless more saps step forward to support the lottery, 14 casinos and the
thousands of poker machines in corner bars, we are threatening our carefully
designed plans to help seniors, reduce property taxes and nurture small
Frankly, I blame our younger generation. These kids, with their hip
and their hop, their iPods and their energy drinks, don't play these games the
way their parents and grandparents do."

AMEN! The younger genration needs to buy more lottery tickets. I think somehow the Pittsburgh Promise should be tied into buying Lottery tickets to teach these kids something and to teach them that helping Seniors like me is a good thing. How about you only get your Pittsburgh Promise money if you hit the numbers? Or they should put poker machines in the schools and if you win, that is how much money you get? I don't think it is right to just give kids money without them working for it.

Thank you Mr. O'Neill for pointing the way for the kids today to be part of THE SOLUTION and not part OF THE PROBLEM. I still might get property tax relief before I die!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Our 2 Millionth Visitors

Hello, this is Strawberry Way and over the weekend I was talking to my Granddaughter Tiffany who helped me create this Blog. She was checking over My Blog and she told me that we have had over two million people visit this website since I started it last summer!!!

That is a lot of people. I don't know how she can tell who is visiting but she is good at computers. She said that she hasn't even had that many people visit her facebook page (whatever that is).

So I guess I am doing something right so thanks for stopping by. Again I think that proves I really do have the Best Blog in Pittsburgh.

So in the spirit of the Academy Awards I'm giving my self the following awards....

Best Blog in Pittsburgh - ILuvLuke
Best Blog in Pittsburgh by an Old Person - ILuvLuke
Best Blog in Pittsburgh that has a gay person and a French Person - ILuvLuke
Best Blog in Pittsburgh that Likes the Mayor - ILuvLuke

So there you go! God Bless!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hello good friends from my home of Paris!

While I have never experienced the drink of Iron City on my lips as of yet, I am very excited to read the state of Pennsylvania believes in this traditional beer enough to give the brewer the big money. I read it here.

I see that they hope to brew 327,000 barrels of beer in a year. If a half barrel is 15 1/2 gallons. a full barrel is 31 gallons. That is 10,137,000 gallons of beer.

If the city of Pittsburgh has a population of 325,337 , that is about 31 gallons per person. That works out to be about 11 ounces of beer per person per day of the year. So that means that every single person in the city drinks one bottle of beer a day regardless if they are a child or a handicap! That means each person drinks a barrel of beer a year.

I am so proud of you Pittsburgh. I have often seen Pittsburgh refered to as a football city with a drinking problem but at one beer a day, I do not see this as a problem.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The List of Who to Hate would be to long!!!!!!!

Some people have been talking in the comments about having a list of who to hate so it would be easy to know who to hate and who to like. Well, the list would be to long so I'll just sort of add to it as we go along....

Todays paper gives us so much stuff!

1) Riverlife Task Force - HATE -
There is this letter to the editor that caputures it perfectly. Every day we wait to get the caSINo opened, the more our town is going to die. I am going to blame every single problem on this group until the caSINo opens. Obviously they only care about riverLIFE and don't care about land LIFE. If I started a group called Street Life Task Force would that allow me control the sidewalks or the buildings that I see from the street? These people need to stick to the river and worry about the fish or the mud and muck that is on the bottom of the river.
This guy who wrote the letter has lived some other places like New York and San Francisco and he travels a lot so he obviously knows more than us who hardly ever leave our neighborhoods and if we want to attract people like him we need to get the caSINO built right now! Plus, he points out that Mr. Barden is black and it might just be racism that is making the riverlife task force hate him. Just let him build his caSINO! I don't care if he makes it of cardboard. We need property tax relief and we need slot NOW!

2) Pat Ford - Like -
While he is one of the most handsomest men in government, we don't get to see enough pictures of him! He is trying to do some good stuff and a bunch of haters don't trust him. He is just trying to do good stuff. Don't people understand that if we don't do stuff fast nothing will get done and we will be a ghost town with tumble weeds rolling down the street. All the stuff of having public hearings and sueing people who are trying to do good things will just scare people way.
I think Mr. Ford captures it perfectly, "I like signs," said Mr. Ford. "It tells us that we're vibrant, that we're lively, that we like business." We heare at ILuvLuke say more signs! Actually we should put a whole bunch up that say exactly what mr. Ford said. They should say "We like signs. We like Business." so for our next section...

3) Signs - Like -

4) Ruth Ann Daily - Hate -
She has a whole collum about how she hates signs! So now when you see downtown become a ghost town, we can blame Ruth Ann. She hates Pittsburgh and she is going to scare everything good away. I sometimes think all the problems of Pittsburgh can be followed right back to Ruth Ann Daily's doorstep. She is one of the most powerful women in Pittsburgh. Her and Ellise Hillman want to destroy Pittsburgh and make it a Repulican waste land.

So I hope you like our list and we hope it helps you know who to like and hate. This should make life easier for everyone. God Bless.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Snow Fells On Your Pretty City!!

Hello from Paris where we are given an average of 11 inches of snow all winter.....

I read that the people of my adoptable Pittsburgh were plugged into their homes as the fury of Mrs. Mother Nature brutalized you with her wailing fists of frigid weather and snow filled karate chop of snow and dibilitating ice hammers that curtained your roadways with glistening frosting of frozen rain like the slick coverings of donuts and pastries against a backdrop of a fog of blowing snow that appeared like the dandriff of the great god zeus and would give little jack frost a scare so much his heart would stop and his dead body would be like a frozen capon sitting in the sub zero freezer of God waiting to be turned to a nice jack frost beef stew with a Burgundy juice with roasted carrots and onion! With that, I am so please to communicate with you my Pittsburghois. I hope and pray that you are following the life styles of the northern Eskimo who still live among you for your own survival.

I have followed on your news broadcasts on the television that are on the internet the disasters that have befallen you. Schools are closed! Through the wonder of the internet even I in Paris know that the Cuddlebear Day Care in your town of Braddock was closed! The highways are full of cars that are slipping into each other. The news reporters are forced to stand live in the galls!

One thing I find puzzling about your News Reports is how the reporter will start their report lets say about unplowed streets by standing on the sidewalk and then walking into the street until you as the viewer can see the whole street that is unplowed. Why must they be walking. Why not start with standing in the street?

Plus, why so many reports that are "Live"? I will see the reporters standing in a dark parking lot that appears to be directly across from your grand City Building talking about a council meeting or a law trial that day. Why must a reporter be forced to stand in front of a building that is obviously closed with nothing going on to make their LIVE broadcast report? Is this just Pittsburgh or all of American?

One last thing, I am terrified by the Severe Weather Center on the one broadcast. When I first found it, I believe that the weather in Pittsburgh was so bad all the time that if I ventured there on my quest I would surely be taking my life in my own hands. But then I realized that even if it is sunny in Pittsburgh the Severe Weather Center is still reporting. Could they not set up a Mild Weather Center or a Pleasent Weather Center and report from there when appropriate? I wonder how many people not as smart as I have been frightened from visiting your pleasent city because they are fearful of the severe weather?

and finally, may I continue to petetion your People of Vision to at the very least fly me to your fair town to demostrate my software creation to better aid your city... link

Friday, February 15, 2008


BY Me Strawberry Way:

There is all this humb bub (how do you spell that? hub bub? Hum bup?) Anyway, people are getting all worked up in the Burgh-o - Spere about a report on KDKA about how politicians get there streets plowed first. Here is the story...

I have a couple things about this....
First, The Mayor said that he wanted his street plowed last but Guy Costa (who I'm not sure if I'm supose to hate him or not could some one tell me?) said that he plows The Mayors street first. I am sick of hearing all these local bloggers saying stuff like,
"Oh, the Mayor doesn't want his street plowed so can call in sick to work."
"Hey they don't plow secordary streets for 36 hours so the mayor can take 1 1/2 days off!"
"he likes sled riding on his street so that's why he doesn't want it plowed."
"Lukie calls Guy, 'I made a real nice snow man in the middle of my street. Plow my street last so I can show it to my mom."
"I bet Luke Puke likes making snow angels in the street."
"Did Marty Griffin check to see the real smoking snow fort Lukey made in front of his house."
"Luke doesn't want the salt truck to come down his street until he comes home from work because he likes throwing snow balls at it."
I can't believe people are making fun of The Mayor this way. We need to find out who are saying these things and give them a big spanking (now that it is Lent and I am being NICE, a spanking seems like a nice thing compared to what I would have recommened when I was MEAN!)

Another thing, All these bloggers are getting all wierd because Darlene Harris has video camera to watch when the salt trucks come up her street. Well, first, I am sure she has those cameras because of all the wierdo bloggers that are out there. I'm sure she has a bunch of guns in her house also. Hopefully, Marty Griffin will do a story about "How are local politicians protecting themselves from the crazy wack job bloggers of Pittsburgh!" While part of me thinks that the city should buy video cameras forall elected officials and democratic committee people for their own protection, the other part of me doesn't want to pay anymore taxes to do that.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I know there are tons of people who wish I were dead but I'm not. I'm still being nice and I've even given up being mean for Lent!!!!

But I just have something to say - and I don't think it is mean ....


I noticed that the city schools are closed today because of snow and yesterday they were delayed because IT WAS COLD!!!!!! I never remember not having to go to school because it was COLD!!!! No wonder kids today are turning to such puddles of lard!!!! We are raising a generation of fat little pansies who are going to wilt at the slightest problem.

I know I AM OVERWEIGHT but do we really want to have a genration of young people who have to waddle like lobsters to get to school? If we don't do something about this younger genration, the only young people left in Pittsburgh are going to be the fat kids who can't waddle out of the city.

Here is what we have to look forward too...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Heart Flutters with HOPE!!!!

Dispatched from the Fair City of Paris

I admit that my anger has been boiling me like a tea kettle. I read somewhere that the Grand Mayor Luke Ravenstahl was in my town of home Paris. I would be understanding if he wished not to connect with me for he was traveling with his wife and I must truthfully admit that my town was built for Love and for the virgin traveler when taking that first drink of this city the intoxication would make any virgin traveler giddy and forgetful of the goings on of the real world and wish to forever spend days and nights in the bed. So I was understanding if the Mayor wished not to contact me.

But then I read, that he had a breakfast where he showed an exciting Point Of Power Presentation. People were invited by email but I failed to recieve an invitation. I had not felt such anger since Van Halen dismissed my adoptable city of Pittsburgh. We know where that anger got me and you - Van Halen relented and will be visiting you next month!!!

I was so very close to destroying my Pittsburgh scrapebook that I have created. For to long I had tolorated the taunts of my friends, family and co-worker who called me Donnie Quixote (which they pronounced Donnie as "Daawn-nee" as they imaged a True Pittsburgher would say). Poor Andre was named "Sancho" as if he were my earthly squire!

But I have gained strength through this name and in my darkest hour of last night I thought "What would the true Don Quixote do?" I call for a vision to show me the way on my quest.

This morning, my call was answered when I read your paper and saw this article - Vive la Downtown! Business grants available to instill a touch of Paris.

I shall be the touch? Was this a sign? The program is called Paris to Pittsburgh which makes me think of myself traveling there! What could be more Parisian than a Parisian! I would be more than willing to properly display the flowers in front of your shops. I would be more than willing to develop my mime show. Every day your people of business could spend a lovely two hours of their lunch time experiencing a show I will develop entitled titled "Mime Time with Pierre". If this will get me to my adoptable city, I shall do it!

My heart has been lifted as like a butterfly. There is hope in the world! Has this plan been planned all along by the Great Mayor?

I may soon be joining all of YINZ!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mayor!!!!

I know you all wish I were dead, but I made a new years resolution that I would be nice this year. It all started when my family ruined my CHRISTmas dinner by talking about how mean I am. I made a vow to myself that I was going to be nice all year so next CHRISTmas dinner I can tell them how nice I have been and then show them the long list of what jaggoffs they all are.

So far I have let everyone watch MY television set and eat MY snacks on MY couch. I even let my grandson's mother take me to see the V*gina Monologs!!!! So far I have not complained. My Jaggoff list is getting long and being nice has been the hardest thing I have ever done.

By the way, Mr. Tinklebreath (the greatest graphic desginer in Pittsburgh and a big fan of this website) made a calendar that we could sell on Cafepress. The Happy Birthday graphic above was for the month of February. The problem was Cafepress didn't want to print it so now I am left with all these great graphics that I am going to post through the year.

Thank you Mr. Tinklebreath.

Plus, I have been emailing with Pierre and he is really hart broken that he wasn't invited to The Mayor's breakfast in Paris. I've told him that it had to be a mistake. He wanted to start a blog named IDislikeLuke. I told him to take some deep breaths. Hopefully he will come back to the fold.

Happy Birthday Mayor!!!!!!!!!!!