Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Police Hate Pittsburgh!!!!

I just read that the Police Union endorsed ReSantis.

I guess we should change the police motto to:
"To Serve [expressos] and Protect [Shadyside Yuppies with their Apple laptop computers]"

I don't understand why they hate Pittsburgh so much. Have they been breaking into the evidence room and smoking some of that demon dope?

Next time I see a cop, I am going to have to ask him what is going on. But now I'll be afraid he'll want to give me a hug or try to read me some beatnik poetry. Am I going to be safe in my neighborhood? It doesn't have a coffee shop with bongo playing hippies so will the police still be coming around to my nieghborhood?

I'll bet you a million dollars that IF by some freaky wierd thing that ReSantis wins (hahahhaha) , we'll be seeing the police driving around in VW Beetles or in Cooper Minis!!!!! Then they might be riding those Segway goofy things.

When they are running after a crook are they going to say, "PLEASE stop." When they are negogiating with some gun man holed up in a house are they going to say, "Come on out, you look like you need a big hug." And when they are reading them their rights, they will say "You have the right to a grande mocha with whipped cream on top!"

I am so confused! Are the cops going to be getting more fashion coordinated uniforms? Maybe start wearing those stretchy tight biker shorts? Are they all going to start drinking designer bottled water and doing group yoga? UGH!!!!!