Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Updated: My New Letter to the Editor

Hello from glorious Paris...

After seeing this awful cartoon in your newspaper, I was called to action to send a letter to its editor. Here is the following text:

I am a long distance fan of the city of Pittsburgh and a proud member of the Steeler's Nation and I live in the other great city that starts with the letter P - Pittsburgh! It upsets me greatly to see your cartoonist Rob Rogers depict the young Mayor Ravenstahl as a Baby Mayor sitting in a baby chair. This dipiction wounds me like an arrow through the heart. It is clear that Mr. Rogers is very envious of the Mayor. I believe the next time he submits a doodle of the mayor as a Baby you should sit him down and try to work through with him why he feels so much hate. As his boss, it is the only compassionate thing to do except to fire him.
When doing my research on the internet about Mr. Rogers of Pittsburgh, I am surprised that a person so full of hate as Mr. Rogers was allowed to have a television show for children and that the city wants to put a statue in his honor near the casino. Pittsburgh always surprises me with its liberalism and acceptance of all things. I just wish Mr. Rogers would practice what he preaches and be a good nieghbor to the Mayor.

Update: I recieved the following from the Post Gazette Web Master...

Rob Rogers is a cartoonist for the Post-Gazette.Fred Rogers (host of the award-winning children's show Mr. Rogers'sNeighborhood) is a totally different person, unrelated to ourcartoonist.
Jody FarrWebmaster, post-gazette.com412-263-3571

I am so sorry Mr. Fred Rogers for dragging you into the muck and associating you with the Doodle Artist Rob Rogers. Please forgive me.