Monday, July 30, 2007


Yesterday, I read Pierre's post about the relationship between The Mayor and Onorato and i got so mad. Not at Pierre but at the Post Gazette for publishing that article - link.
We all know that the Post Gazette hates the Mayor, but it is a new low to try to hint that there is some sort of lovefest going on between the Mayor and the County Executive. Next thing you know Mr. Lord is going to be writing about The Mayors love of sheep. When will someone stop this craziness.
I think Pierre is a very smart man, and even he was mislead about that article into thinking The Mayor and The County Executive are having a fling. Just think how many other Pittsburghers are out there thinking the same thing right now!!! I am so mad!!! Please everyone write letters to that hateful, souless, dirtrag, barfbag, printed on toiletpaper newspaper called the postgazette!!!
Again the Post Gazette has made me drink about 4 IC Lights before dinner time!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Love is Over!

Hello from Paris:

As I sit here on a street cafe with my computer that is like a notebook and nurse sick hair of the dog that I acquired from a bad red Italian wine last evening. I was surprised to see in today's PG, a notice that Mr. Onorato is in Italy. Mr. Onorato, stay away from the Cagà table wine!!!

I was disturbed and excited to see that the article in the PG tries to paint an image that the Mayor Ravenstahl and Mr. Onorato are a couple. It talks of "lovefest" and that Mr. Onorato is vacationing apart from the Mayor.

I am obviously confused. I believed that the Mayor and the County Director are both married men and happy with their marriages, but then I read about this other relationship that if Mr. Lord is to be believed is in trouble. I think it is wonderful and freeing to see such openness about such topics of such powerful men. In French we are not as open. It is ok and tolerable to have mistresses on the side of a marriages, but to be so open about the relationships that no one speaks is unspeakable. Pittsburgh surprises me with its liberalism again!!!

Mr. Ravenstahl is quoted as saying "I'd characterize our relationship as good," but later someone is quoted as saying "There seems to be a sort of cooling of the relationship,"

Relationships are tough. I have been in many. I hope the Mayor is not being taken advantage of by an older person. One time I dated a geriatric, and it ended badly also. All the optimism in the world can't hide the reality of a relationship that is going in the toilet and about to be flushed. I hope for the Mayor that his heart may not be smashed to tiny bits and ground like broken glass into the hard cement of the reality of the world.

My advice... keep your chin in the air and don't date old people.

On a Note besides the point:
I have not heard any feedback from any People of Vision regarding my idea for a Pittburgh Foie Gras industry as a good way to use the goose before their killing. Such a waste of goose!!! I believe it is only time before Mrs. ILuvLuke and Myself are asked to sit on some boards of Vision for our insight. (I can be contacted at

Friday, July 27, 2007

I Have Figured Out ReSantis's Plan!!!!!!!

Hello from the Northside:

I figured it out why ReSantis wants to have 8 debates. In this mornings PG, its talks about how ReSantis and The Mayor have decided on one debate date and it is October 28th. The PG says, "The date coincides with a 1 p.m. Steelers game against the Cincinnati Bengals."

How about that? ReSantis doesn't like the Steelers!!!! He would rather debate than watch the Steelers.

Is it a coincident that ReSantis wants 8 debates and the date of the first scheduled one is on the 8th week of football season? What he is trying to do is challenge The Mayor to debate during every Steelers game up to the election and as we all know that any real Pittsburgher is not going to be able to miss the games. So he knows that The Mayor will not be able to commit to any of the debates and he'll try to get points for that. This makes me want to throw my ashtray at the wall.

I'll tell you, Mr. ReSantis, true Pittsburghers like myself can see what you are trying to do and we wont be fooled. During every Steelers game, I want to see My Mayor sitting in the stands with a big glass of beer, a Steelers jersey, a big foam hand and maybe some face paint waving a terrible towel. I don't want to see him standing in a suit and tie behind a podium in a high school gym debating some pasty faced REPUBLICAN!!!

I hope The Mayor points out that you don't like the Steelers, then you will surily loose.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Hello from the Northside...

From now on I'm only going to call that REPUBLICAN running against The Mayor, ReSantis.

People need to realize that he is not a Democrat. Putting that "De" in front of his name is going to confuse people and I think that is what he wants!

Thoughts That Are Random


I am still drowning in sorrow for missing the Kill Point, but I am drowning myself in the Tour De France now. It is a shame that now days performance enhancing drug are ruining the game. It was much better when the only performance enhancing drugs were champagne and cigarettes. I have smpathy for Americans and their baseball. The baseball was much better before steriods and the hormone that makes people grow. Bring back the days of simple amphedemines. Why are not the Pirates doing better? Are they unable to afford the more expensive scientific drugs? Do they only rely on the Speed? If they do not use the Drugs, then maybe their slogan should be, "WE WILL at least pass our drug tests". Or "Our record shows that we do not do the Drugs!!!"

I am happy to see the Wiggles will be performing at The Mellon Arena. A most amazing group, but why do you praise mellon by having an arena dedicated to them? Is Pittsburgh in the mellon growing region of the United States?

When I think of my future trip to Pittsburgh, I think I will wait until the completion of the tunnel under the Allegheny River. I have seen the pictures of the tunnel with the children walking through the tunnel and marvaling at the polar bears swimming above them. I am surprised at the clarity of the water of your river. The tunnel does appear small for letting the kids walk through and having a speeding train pass through. I have faith in the planners of these great ventures that they have a vision that is beyond my grasp. The people of Pittsburgh must have great understanding of these visions too because they do not ask questions and must agree with them. It is grand to see the people of Pittsburgh and the people of Vision are on the same page and riding smoothly into a tunnel under the river.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I Got The Following Email...

When I got the following e-mail, I had to ask my grandson what it meant and he said that it was "cool". He's 18 so he's your typical teenage jagoff. I asked him what he thought of The Mayor and he said that if The Mayor really wanted to appeal to the young people, he would be seen out of his suit and as my grandson said "wearing gold and being all g-d up from the feet up." He said all the kids would vote for The Mayor if he really had the truck in the drawing. It is great to have a mayor that appeals to the young people. Finally I think Pittsburgh is coming out of its slump.

Yo, Strawberry...

People be dissing the Mayor about his ride. I made up a fresh ride that would make the Raven phat and all that.

Its got..

  • 102 inch plasma in the trunk for showing films in the park, watchin golf or whatever

  • 4 18's 20,000 watts

  • crazy mad game face on the grill

Get that rolling down Carson at 2am and the youngsters will flip their lids with eyes buggin. Like Northshorehipster69 said he's gotta represent.

My Disappointment is Bottomless But Not Infinite

My plan was structured perfectly and was going singingly like a beautiful musical score. My clock awoke me early in the morning. I put on my STEALERS sweatershirt and a beautiful pair of sweatpants hiphop style that come in the black and gold of the city of Pittsburgh. I believe I looked very festive. I set off to the bar for the Irish to watch The Kill Point.
As I mentioned it is not in the safest of neighborhood. From the Metro station I was followed by a gang of teenagers from Algers who mocked my sweatershirt and pants. When I found the bar for the Irish, I walked into a den that appeared to be the launching point for the journying of a pirate ship. The men were the lowest of low and I feared for being knifed or maimed or killed.
I asked the barister if the television could be changed from a television game show to The Kill Point. He laughed. I explained that I had called earlier and I slide some money his way. He took the money and laughed and left me.
As I sat in that stew of human sewage, I realized my dream of watching The Kill Point would not happen. I went home with my heart hanging deeply. It is a very sad day, but I will recover like a soaring bird stronger and most glorious such as a bird of Fire!!! The Phoenix.
I hope the people of Pittsburgh enjoyed its spotlight time!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kill Point Shall Thrill Me!!!

I tremble with the thought that The Kill Point television show showcasing Pittsburgh shall debut this coming morning!!!
I found one place where I will be able to watch the show. It is a pub for the Irish by the name of O'Goldberg's at 75 rue des Deux Fromages. I found that they will recieve the satelite signal of the Spike TV that is showing the show. Even though they are not in the safest of the neighborhoods, I shall adventure there to see Pittsburgh shine with the excitement of a Bruce Willis movie (besides the point, I have often watched Piège en eaux troubles which you know as The Striking Distance in the United States with Mr. Willis and found it very thrilling. I wish to ride a boat like his on you're rivers and perhaps ride over a water barrier like described in the movie?).
I was very excited to see it smally mentioned in the Post-Gazette that Mayor Ravenstahl will be staring in the show! It says, "(No mayor is named in the first two hours, but Luke Ravenstahl's photo is visible on the wall of the bank manager's office.)" Do most banks and other businesses have pictures of the Mayor on their wall? That is very nice.
I shall be setting my clock to awake me so I can watch the show at 4 in this coming morning.
Let's all share the excitement TOGETHER!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007


I missed The Mayor speaking right in my own neighborhood! He was right there in his first of a bunch of neighborhood forums.
I'm blaming Mr. Lord for making me so mad yesterday that I drank way more IC Lights than I'm use to and I slept through the whole thing.
My friends told me that The Mayor looked as striking as ever. They said he had just the right amount of hair goo in his hair. I was glad to hear that. By right amount, I'm talking about a lot because I think the more "product" he wears the more powerful and striking he is. It shows that he has groomed and cares about his appearence. I like that. I think the more shiny his hair, the more Pittsburgh shines.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Mayor Must Be Kept Safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rich Lord is my first inductee in to the Poo-Poo Potatohead Hall of Fame. Today, he pushed it too far with his story on The Mayor's security detail. What does that guy, Mr Lord, do? Sit around drinking expresso and thinking up stupid ways to attack Our Mayor?

Here is Mr. Lord thinking about his next story idea...

"Hmmm, I wonder if the mayor uses toilet paper paid for by the taxpayers? I wonder how many squares he uses per wipe? Maybe he is using to much?"
A sip of expresso.
"I bet I can make everyone upset by telling them that the mayor uses one whole roll of toilet paper per bathroom session! I'll tell them that he sits there on the golden toilet that only the mayor uses and spins the paper off the roll into a big pile and then only uses the last few inches! That will make everyone mad!"
A sip of expresso.
"Then I'll tell them that he calls in the policeman with the most overtime to come down to city hall to pick up all the toilet paper off the floor so the city can pay the policeman more overtime. I'll say that policeman has already made $1,593,837 THIS YEAR and the year is just half over"

That is how I think Rich Lord writes his stories.

And just to set the record straight, the reason The Mayor needs so much security is because his critics are such wackos. Read any of those Pittsburgh blogs and you'll see people that should be in Western Pshyic! If I were The Mayor and read those things, I'd want some big fat tough policeman by my side all the time even in bed. I would not feel safe.

Mr. Lord, I hope you are happy. You have made me drink 4 IC Lights and its not even dinner time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Have So Much To Say

1) Hello form the Northside

2) A great letter to the editor today AND the writer is from the Northside. She makes a really good point with "If the citizens of Pittsburgh required the mayor's presence at every important conference or event, we would need to have 100 mayors on duty. " So true. Might be nice if we had a few extra Mayor Ravenstahls to share with some of my bingo sisters. HeHe.

3) Then there is also a letter to the editor from a guy asking people to vote for DeSantis. Doesn't he understand that the guy is not a Democrat?

4) Then there is a article in the Trib about The Mayor going to meet with the Ethnics Board. Interesting thing there is Ethics Hearing Board Chairwoman Sister Patrice Hughes says she is going to write a letter to The Mayor and there is not an investigation. HEAR THAT!!!! It is a letter not an INVESTIGATION. So get over it, poo-poo potatoheads. If there was a problem, there would be an investigation, but there is not so get over it.
Later it says "Kate DeSimone, a city lawyer who works with the board, said Hughes does not intend to make public her letter to Ravenstahl once it's written." So it is going to be private letter, but I bet the Poo-Poos are going to make a big stink out of that. I bet they are going to demand to read all The Mayor's mail too. Makes me want to throw my ashtray.

Sad Goose

I was saddened to read the article of the slaughter gooses of the North Park.
The county had a great opportunity to start the foi gras industry in the Pittsburgh area. Maybe some of the great leaders who read this blog will realize the great opportunity that has flown right into their hands. If Pittsburgh became the foi gras capital of the United States, I truely believe that Pittsburgh will fly up notches in the the minds of the French and the rest of the civilized world.
My Grandfather was a farmer and he raised the goose for the foi gras. I would gladly come and share my experience.
Does Pittsburgh have a serious wine for its region or a cheese? I would gladly help to raise the culture of the area. I am excited that there is a district of culture right in the downtown. I think that shows a committment to culture. Now for may the wine, cheese and foi gras of Pittsburgh thrive!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Here's a Campaign Challenge

Hello from the Northside [for you who might confuse me with a french man whose english isn't that good]:
DeSantis has challenged The Mayor to 8 debates. Come on, The Mayor has a job to do. He can't be taking that much time out of his schedule. Let's get real!!! This DeSantis guy is rich and has all the time in the world to raise a stink. These Poo-Poo Potatoheads first sit there and complain that The Mayor doesn't work and then when these debates come around, they don't want him working? I don't understand.
Then DeSantis comes out challeging The Mayor to a bunch of stuff like running a clean campaign or other crud like balancing the budget. Here is what The Mayor should say back to him...

"DeSantis, I challenge you to become a Democrat!!!"

That should put him in his place.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

On the Liberalism of Pittsburgh

After an evening of drinking fine wine, watching fireworks with parades and kissing strangers, my Bastille Day celebration of freedom is now a pounding aching day break celebration of freedom. J’ai mal aux cheveux! which I think translates to "My hair is ill".

Since I have been keeping knowledgable of Pittsburgh and it happenings, I have oft been drawn to the Blog "2PoliticalJunkies". I have noticed that they have often recieved praise and accolades which I sometimes agree with them and believe it is desired on matters of the United States, but I disagree mostly when they give the mayor an undignified treatment.
I am impressed with the liberalism in Pittsburgh that two people can feel free enough to say at the top of their lungs, "I like politics and I am a junkie!" It is special that they feel free enough to proclaim their addiction to drugs. It shows a special liberalism from the people of Pittsburgh to listen to them that is unfounded in most other parts of the world. Here in Paris our drug addicts have no interests other than their drugs and would be very incapable of maintaining such an extensive blog as your two junkies do.
Bravo to Pitsburgh for being openminded and bravo for having such productive drug addicts.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Great Idea!!!

I was reading the Tribs report on the Ethnics Boards partisan obsession with Luke helping kids with cancer and I came up with one of my best ideas since I thought up a better potato masher a few years ago.
In the article, George Specter, the acting city solicitor, says about the $27,000,000 that upmc paid for The Mayor to golf "This is not money that went to the mayor." So he thinks it is legally alright.
Later in the article it says the ethnics board can "impose a fine of up to $1,000 per violation" if it finds the Mayor was wrong.
My great idea is that if the Ethnics Board wants to impose the fine, then UPMC should give the money to pay off the fine. If the money never touchs The Mayor's hands it sounds like it would be ok to me, plus the money would be helping the city and all those poo-poo potato heads who say that UPMC never gives the city any money would have to shut up.

Friday, July 13, 2007


So much stuff making me mad...
I went to the doctor this morning because I have an infected toe nail. I can barely walk. Mad.
I wanted to spend this afternoon writing a nice little entry about why I started this site but then I see in a story in the PG that the Ethnics Board is "deeply concerned" that The Mayor was out trying to help kids with cancer. Come on.
They make a big deal about the value of him golfing being $27,000, but do you think The Mayor can afford that? Do you know how much he makes? We need a mayor that is out there and is proffessional. I say we should give him a raise so he can attend events like this! Do we want our mayor out there golfing with people who run billion dollar businesses like PNC and UPMC and there is our little mayor with patches on the knees of his golf pants, his belt being a rope and his shoes held together with duct tape? Should we give him a little tin cup and rub some coal dust on his face?
Our Mayor should be finely dressed and allowed to go to nice resturants and he has to do business with big business people so he should be allowed to act like one. Even me a poor old lady who could barely pay my co-pay to the doctor this morning understands that most business and deals happen on golf courses. Does it make me mad? No because I am a realist not an idealist like some of those people out there who I would love to throw my ashtray at. Does it make me made that I will never play in the Mario Lemeow Golf thing? No because I have never been on a golf course and I find it boring, but I still understand that it needs to exist so deals can happen and the world can spin. So get over it!!!
It all comes back to the crtics of The Mayor are jealous. They wish they could have the opportunities he has. They wish when they were his age they could be where he is. They wish they could be playing golf and jetting around. As I've said before, envy is one of the deadly sins.
Finally, if the ethnics board decides to get all nebby about this petty subject, The Mayor should just fire them all and get some people on the board who care about serious matters. That to me seems like the only reasonable thing to do.
My last point that somebody today in the comments section used a bad word. They called someone a dumbas*. I don't mind if you call people names, just make sure you use those funny little letters when spelling badwords so kids wont understand. I want this to be a family website.

We Have Been Uncovered!

I noticed this morning reviewing the Pittsburgh Blogs that make me choke on my daybreak cereal, that the burghreport and its commentators have been discussing this site. I can confess to how I have joined this site and have become a contributary.
For some time now, I have followed the Pittsburgh politics and it's happenings. You do live in a fishbowl, Pittsburgh! I made commentaries on blogs and like a magic event I recieved a email from who I now know as "iluvluke" saying she admired my spirit and she layed out her glorious plan to have fairness and balanceness in the "Burghosphere". I championed her. She struggled greatly. Graditute to her granddaughter for the assistance in fulfilling the plan and making the potential reality reality!
I have yet to hear ideals on when is the best time to visit Pittsburgh. My goals so far on my list of exciting options are to swim in the rivers, see a Steelers Play Off game at The Heinz Field and play a round of golf with the mayor. What is the best season to fulfill all my desires?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mayor Luke, Have a Grand Holiday!

In a article like what falls from the rear of a dog, I was able to find a positive news that lifted my spirit. Mayor Luke is this week on holiday. It is his first since aquiring the office of Mayor in September. That is a very long time to be working with out holiday. I wish him the most and hope he comes back fresh like a river. My thoughts drifted that maybe in 3 months we may be hearing a call that a little one may be on its way by the stork? My thoughts tick! Would he be better starting a family now or when he runs as representitive or president? Maybe better to have little ones when he runs for larger office that way you can hold them up and kiss them and make old women melt like butter. Hard to do the melting when they are still in the stomach.
On a note that is from a different song, I have been thinking of making my trip to Pittsburgh. My thoughts aremaybe to come when the casino opens? What do you think?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Finally some good press for The Mayor. The Trib has an article about how Luke invented the idea of having a place where people can call up the city to get information. It is such a great thing. If people want to know when their garbage day is they can dial 311. I've called it a few times just to see if it worked and after waiting for a few minutes you actually get to speak to someone who not only speaks english but pittsburghese. Anothor example of Luke coming up with good ideas and having them work.
The best part of the article is that it says The Mayor actually "occasionally answers phones at the center to get an idea of how city residents are feeling." More reason to try it out!!!

Cats as Your Problem

I was lifted to hear that the issue of tagging of the feral cats may be soon gleeming in the light of the spotlight again for the city of Pittsburgh. Mr Motznik will discuss his plans in a full way soon today in a public hearing according to the City Paper. While I am unable to attend the public hearing due to my place of residents across the ocean of the Atlantic, I will be following the reports on what you call the MSM. I am sure the media with be in a frothing mixture from this issue.
I myself believe that a city is only as good as it treats its lowliest creature, so how the city treats the cats will reflect very importantly on the city of Pittsburgh. Cats should be civil and reflect the beauty of the city. Dirty feral beast should be deal with. The City Paper calls the issue "the most important issues facing the city’s future: the licensing of cats." I trend to agree.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Great Letters to the Editor in PG

Today's PG had some great letters supporting The Mayor.

- C. Englert of Overbrook makes some good points with one of the best being...
"Keep up the good job, Luke."

- Dave Paolicelli of the South Side say, "I find it pleasing to have someone who is willing to be as active as Luke Ravenstahl as our mayor." Yes, I'm pleased too. He could just sit around and smoke and drink and play video games like other kids his age, but no! He is willing to be active. It makes me glad that he is able to play a few rounds of golf. God bless him.

- Patricia Rodzay of McCandless point out the obvious that "[those hateful potatoheads] are envious of [The Mayor] attaining this position at such a young age." Good job, Patricia!!! Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins, so you guys better watch out!!!

Then there is an evil Potatohead Patricia Moran from Point Breeze who is soooo hateful, hurtful and soulless!!!!! It is soo cookooo-ville that I have to print it below, but one untrue thing she says is that she call The Mayor "baby mayor" which is furtherest from the truth. A baby is like under two years old and The Mayor is 27. She is soooo wrong. You've been FACED, Patricia Moran!!!
I read the editorial regarding Luke Ravenstahl and the $27,000 golf game he attended while the women of this city were asking for an audience from the administration regarding an important subject ... the promotion of policemen who had a past history of domestic violence ("Slow Learner," July 6).
I loved the editorial. It assuaged my rage a little bit. But there is really a bigger issue here: the people of Pittsburgh.
A great number of the people in Pittsburgh are not smart. They are the most dense people I have ever seen. I am not from here and have been here a year or so. They don't care what their "baby mayor" does. They keep repeating the phrase "give the kid a chance." What is wrong with these people? It is like they have been hypnotized and, just like "Stepford wives," repeat this mantra. The mayor blames everyone but his mother for picking on him. He blames Bill Peduto, "yellow journalism" and Republican mayoral candidate Mark DeSantis for his woes. I am sure there are some intelligent people here, but I fear they are in the minority!
Mayor Ravenstahl should grow up and be a man and take the consequences of his behavior instead of whining and crying like a baby. And the people of Pittsburgh had better wake up. This little baby is going to lead them into bankruptcy. They deserve it.

Soooo much anger and hate!!! Let's all pitch in and buy her some aluminum foil so she can make some hats.