Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mr. Ford's Thrusty Lighter

Good Beautiful Day from the Heart of France - Paris!

I noticed how Ms ILuvLuke has fallen under the spell of Mr. Pat Ford and he seems to be the new super hero of development in Pittsburgh.

I found the article in your newspaper very interesting for it is good to see a person in governement who is not a wimp leaning toward the feme side. I believe a leader should be like a father you can not make happy. I believe the costume that Mr Ford has picked to present as his public face is most supreme. Nothing says leadership like a cigar and a glass of scotch and hopefully a patented leather chair with brass tacks! Who can question someone who you fear will have someone break your legs in a dark alley? This is how I have learned American Power works from watching such movies as the gangsters and like the Sporanos.

I saw the following letter to the editor today and I though about how much Mr Ford and I have in commom. We are both outsiders which it is good to see the Pittsburghs are beginning to respect the view of the outside more than their own view because we do have a better more real view of everything! I like how the writer says "I believe the only smoke from this article is Mr. Ford's aromatic cigar and the fire is his thrusty lighter." I too wish to have a thrusty lighter! Please share your secrets, Mr Ford because I have tried some of the offers I recieve in e-mail and they never send me the pills that will make me perform better.

I have told the Mayor Ravenstahl from this blog on some advice on how to not be called "The Baby Mayor" I think since Mr. Ford has taken the tough manlook, Mr. Ravenstahl needs to have a tough edge but also show his soft emotions too! I suggest a suit made of leather for the tough part but hold a flower and be seen almost crying when talking about love. I take much of my advice from observing Boy Bands and the female response to them. Mr. Ford can be the bad tough guy but Mr Ravenstahl you must be the candy bar man with a hard crunchy exterior but a soft warm gooey center. Follow the universal pattern and you will find success.

Remember if you wish to have my advice 24 hours a day, I wish to be a member of a city authority or county authroity and wish to recieve a good pension and telecommute!!! Please send your request for my presence on a board to