Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Got The Following From Mr. TinkleBreath

As you might know already, we have a good friend here at this site who goes by the name Mr. TinkleBreath. He is one of the best local graphic designers and he works at a really high powered design firm here in Pittsburgh and he doesn't want his identity known. He is the one who made the great "I Luv Luke" graphic for this site which I love. Thank you.

Earlier today he sent me the following email....

Ms. Strawberry Way,

Your site has been great lately. I saw a comment earlier today where someone proposed the idea for a "Hunks of Grant Street" calendar. Me and my co-worker loved the idea so much we made some mock ups (which means like sketches in design talk). I've attached one that I think is really good. If people really like the idea, I'll make a whole calendar for next year.

Thanks for Truely Having The Best Blog in Pittsburgh!
Mr. TinkleBreath

I don't know how he got Dan Onorato to pose for the picture in less than a day but I know Mr. T has his connections. Here is his sample.