Monday, November 30, 2009

My Fondest Thoughts for You Pittsburgh!

Hello from the Pittsburgh of Europe... PARIS!

Sleep was escaping me so I went to a bar and I happened up on my former love the Steelers loose to the Black birds of Baltimore. Ah, the memories have come back to me. Pittsburgh you were my first love!

Oh, Pittsburgh! What has come of you? It is as if you have become a Hooker for The Crack! You were so beautiful when I loved you, but I looked away for a year and what has happened to you?

Our Mayor has now crashed his hometown security SUV into a tree while escaping his wife for putting on a nother man's golf course? And there is rumors that she hit him with a golf club!

Please say this is not the so?

Please heal, Pittsburgh. If it is my love you need through these tough times of the trouble, I will pay attention to you for a while. Put your head on my shoulder Pittburgh and I will hug you and feel my love.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Pittsburgh is BIGTIME!!!

Somebody gave me this article about Our Mayor... here

It is from the New York Times! Which is the biggest oldest paper in the world and there we are.

Can you believe that there are people in New York City who are reading that article and there is quotes from Doug Sheild's? It is Doug Sheilds talking to New Yorkers. I find that neat.

One thing I got to thinking when reading that is how good it looks to the world that Pittsburgh has 2 other people running against The Mayor and they are not all Old White men. They are in their thirtys and one of them is black. The Mayor is the youngest one. I think that looks very good for Pittburgh. Where in other cities kids their ages are just finishing working at McDonald's or Starbucks, but here in Pittsburgh we can have them running our city!

Friday, October 23, 2009

UGH! Why do people want to make Politics here in Pittsburgh ugly?

I talk to my friends all the time. I can't believe that everyone is giving The Mayor grief for having a friend. And talking to them.

So where do this end? He can't talk to anyone about anything having to do with Pittsburgh if he is hanging out at a bar having a few beers? Does he have to invite Bill Peduto to The Mayor's guys night out? A poker night has to turn out to a night hanging out with Bill Peduto or Doug Shields? Give me a break!?!?!?!?!??!

Mayor Luke is a vibrant, fast mover who is quick on his feet. He was a football player and he brings that same skill to the political Football Statium. He brought his quarterback skills to leading our city. We should call him Mayor Luke Rothlesburgher. He will scramble out and make Pittsburgh score. If you don't believe this, you are a turd.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I AM SOOOO MAD I Have to FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since I gave up Blogging, I have been having a nice life., but that hasn''t kept me from knowing stuff. I have been reading the paper and the blogs. Today when I was watching the video tape I made of the debate last night, i got so mad I had to come back to Blogging. Mr. Asscklin attacking our young Mayor was enough to stir this hornets net.

I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on. Why would The Mayor trust a guy who lives in Cranberry. That was enough to make me laugh. Luke is Pittsburgh born and bread so why would he trust someone who lives in Cranberry and let them "control" him?

That set off my alarms that anyone who believed it was a wacko. I checked my "wacko" channels the same way I check my scanner... I found Rich lord (who I think I use to have a clever nick name for but I can't remember it... Was it "Dick Lord"?). He was all over it like my dog Myron Cope finding a cat turd in a bush. I checked that Pittburgher guy who I hopefully has left Pittsburgh and is enjoying his medical marijuana in California to cure his mental illness. He has said nothing. HA HA. Look, Burgher, I am still blogging! I am nearing 70 and I beat you!That Bram guy is another story.

Strawberry Way

PS: I am a real person and not some sort of "astro turf" thing put out there by Pat Fords wife whatever her name was. Never accuss me of that again.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The End

It has been a good run, but I have to put this blog to rest.

My granddaughter Tiffany has been hogging my computer so I can never get on it and when I do I keep getting these terrible messages that pop up asking me to take my shirt off and do other terrible things. It has to be some kind of aweful virus. So I now hate my computer and I'm giving it to my granddaughter.

I talked to Pierre about it and he said that he has fallen in love with another "adoptable city" Cleveland. I told him he was stupid and that was that.

As for Gay4Luke, he said he would always be in love with Luke.

So say goodbye to the oldest blogger in Pittsburgh. I will always be around playing bingo and keeping IC Light in business.

As for Luke, I will always be your biggest supporter. Even though you never sent me a letter or email thanking me for all my support, I will always think that I helped you become who you are today. I will always think of you as my grandson I wish I could have except I got a bunch of jaggoff grand kids.

Strawberry Way

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mr Shield is a Quiter before Beginning

From Close to Spring Time in Paris

I read that Mr. Shields will not run against the undefeetable Mr. Steelerstahl. I believe that he has seen his future that would be if he did and it would be the realization that he is a failure. I realize the prospect of being told you are a failure by a whole town is a fright so it is easier to fail before you begin and get it over with. I congrat Mr. Sheilds on his wise move. Now may Mr. Steelerstahl move forward like the Steelers and win and make the whole Steelers Nation proud.

Like Big Ben, I must admit that I am doing this with an injury. I have a small cut on my finger so please have pitty for me and see that I am full of bravery!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For I Wish to Thank All of Steelers Nation

From the Blacked and Goldened Paris!!!!

I wish to thank every Steeler and Steeler fan for welcoming me into the Steeler Nation. I have been warmed by your black and golden shower of love and adoration.

Through the gray winter times of Paris, I have my heart float to my most adoptable city of Pittsburgh where I beleieve the sun always shines and is always peaking like a smile face from behind the city's lovely hills. In most pictures of Pittsburgh, I see the blue sky and I dream of being there. It might be cold and I have coat on but inside I am warm with good thoughts and good feelings. After your Super Bowl win, Pittsburgh, you are like a woman on the morning after a night of love and passion. You stay in bed. I will bring you breakfast.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Hello from Paris...
We have had celebrated here too! It is marvel!
Joy Forever Viva Steeler McBeam!

I live blog these scenes from the streets of Paris after the big game. The city erupted like a pimple of excitement like a mad insane crazy spastic prison ship landing on the island of Lesbos during spring break... Crawzy! MAD! Given it was very early in the morning, my Turkish friends saved some gallons of red wine and woke up the local Leftists and we commenst our celebration Europe-Style. I hope to see pictures of YINZ soon celebrating.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Too Wish Too Change My Name But My Mother Would Kill Me

From Pittaris .... that is Pittsburgh mixed with Paris

I heard the news. Mr. Steelerstahl is changing his name to Steelerstahl. This is a most brilliant stroke of genius that shows true insight. I wish to change my name but my mother would dice my skull into cubes. Our last name comes from the 15th century and my mother often screams "I have worked so hard and put up with so much shit for this name, do not forsake it."

So I wish I could change my name to reflect my Steelers Pride. I would be Mr. Pierre McBeam. Pray for me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Does Not Freedom of Speak Matter

Hello from the glorious Center of the World... Paris!

While I am overly excited by the Steelers and my Turkish friends have become addicts and chant for more wins like they are addicted to the opium like fever that comes from being a citizen of the Steelers Nation!!! But that is another story.

But some news has put a shock into me. I read on line today that Mayor Luke now is embracing Finance Reform like it is new pretty woman.

It is my understanding that in America that giving money is Freedom of Speak. And the Freedom of Speak is so important that the Founding Fathers made it the Number One in the List of Freedoms. What will be next? People will not be able to carry guns everywhere?

I am distressed that the People of Vision of Pittsburgh such as Real Estate Developers and Bill Board owners voices will be stiffled! People of Vision are People too!

If you are poor, you should be very upset with this. It is the People of Vision that have kept Pittsburgh going. If you live in a cold house with broken windows, you should feel lucky because if it were not for People of Vision such as Duquesne Club members, You little man would be living in a cardboard box! Don't you see this?

Mayor, I notice that a true Little Man may try to run against you... Patrick Dowd. He only has $3,000 to his name. You have over $1,000,000!!! He only has .03% of the Freedom of Speak that you have. The people have already spoken so you should take your big shoe and squish him like the little bug that he is.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm So Sad:( sort of

from the Northside...

I finally got Tiffany off the computer so I can use it. I went to see what was going on the Burgh O Sphere and what do I find... the Burghreport is gone!!!!!!! Just like Mark DeSantis. GONE!

That site cost me more smashed packs of cigarettes, more spilt beer than I care to remember. I know my little dog Myron is happy I wont be kicking him as much.

I have no idea who the Burger was even though I bet he will be spending all his new free time at the coffee shop in his black turtle neck reading poetry, but I have to say I am actually sad to see him go. As much as I thought it was a den of hate and vice, I still visited it. In fact, it got me started in this blog business because it was so full of hate for our young smart and bright mayor that I had to start this blog. So this is about as much sad as you will get from me because I am a happy person unless I'm mad. So there is your tear. Are you happy?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It is a NEW YEAR and I am Still ALIVE!!!!!!

from me on the Northside!!!!!!!!

I am finally awake and it is a NEW YEAR.

Last night my whole family went down to First Night and I stayed home and watched everything on tv. I was watch one channel and I think it was Time Square then they brought on this aweful puppet of Dick Clark. I always brought in the New Year with Dick Clark, but I saw him on tv last night and I spit IC Light all over my recliner. Could they do some special effects to clean him up. And he was missing a tooth!! Even Madonna wheres a cap to fill in the gap of her teeth. I had to find my remote and switch the channel as fast as I could.

I watched the first night thing and they had the ball instead of drop it rises up! That is great to show the world that we do everything backwards. Then it didn't even hit the top of the pole at midnight!!!! It was a few seconds late. Another great way to show we are behind the times!!!

Ok, here are my resolutions for the year.... I make it easy on myself...
- keep smoking
- keep drinking my beer
- play more Bingo
- support Pittsburgh by being the first person to enter the CaSINo when it opens on the Northside!!!!
- fight the people that want Pittsburgh to become the Californication of Westian Pennsylvania.
- support The Mayor
- keep this website being the best blog in the Pittsburgh Blogo Sphere!!!!!

There you go all you people that are so full of hate and hate The Mayor and this website and Hate ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strawberry Way
The blogmistress of Pittsburgh
and Pittsburghs oldest Blogger