Monday, October 22, 2007

Words And A Video That Shall Inspire Generations

Hello From the Steeler Nation State of Paris France:

I must confess that I could not stay up and find a place to watch the Steelers game this morning. I fill with sorrow at their lose. I am seeing a trend where the games that I have failed to see are the ones where the Steelers have lost! I have yet to watch the Steelers lose, but from now on I will make every effort to watch them to prevent any future loses.

I found a statement by Mr. Ravenstahl in the "Gagette" (I do not understand why people call it that but they find it funny so I will call it that too). You must scoll past the rotted words of The ReSantis but you will find Mr. Ravenstahl's statement like a flower at the bottom of the webpage.

My favorite line is when he says,
"It is my goal to make Pittsburgh the kind of place that my future children and grandchildren will choose to call home, just as I have."
I think we are having a hint of some future news! You might remember that over the summer when Mr. Ravenstahl and his wife went on vacation, I set forth the theory that in three months there would be an announcement of a future offspring! I wonder if this is the news. It has been three months. And it is inspiring that he knows his children will have children! May there be Ravenstahls running the City of Pittsburgh for Generations to come! By then, the local boggers will complain with things like "Grand Mayor Luke Ravenstahl XI took a GMC Space Defender 3000 which is actually a Home Solar System Security Space Craft to see the Tiger Woods cyborg replicant that was grown from actual Tiger Woods DNA."

I have tumbled on this wonderful video that shall inspire generations. Did they have a video like this for The ReSantis? Not that I would like to see it but does it show him riding polo ponies as a child?