Friday, July 13, 2007

We Have Been Uncovered!

I noticed this morning reviewing the Pittsburgh Blogs that make me choke on my daybreak cereal, that the burghreport and its commentators have been discussing this site. I can confess to how I have joined this site and have become a contributary.
For some time now, I have followed the Pittsburgh politics and it's happenings. You do live in a fishbowl, Pittsburgh! I made commentaries on blogs and like a magic event I recieved a email from who I now know as "iluvluke" saying she admired my spirit and she layed out her glorious plan to have fairness and balanceness in the "Burghosphere". I championed her. She struggled greatly. Graditute to her granddaughter for the assistance in fulfilling the plan and making the potential reality reality!
I have yet to hear ideals on when is the best time to visit Pittsburgh. My goals so far on my list of exciting options are to swim in the rivers, see a Steelers Play Off game at The Heinz Field and play a round of golf with the mayor. What is the best season to fulfill all my desires?