Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Love is Over!

Hello from Paris:

As I sit here on a street cafe with my computer that is like a notebook and nurse sick hair of the dog that I acquired from a bad red Italian wine last evening. I was surprised to see in today's PG, a notice that Mr. Onorato is in Italy. Mr. Onorato, stay away from the Cagà table wine!!!

I was disturbed and excited to see that the article in the PG tries to paint an image that the Mayor Ravenstahl and Mr. Onorato are a couple. It talks of "lovefest" and that Mr. Onorato is vacationing apart from the Mayor.

I am obviously confused. I believed that the Mayor and the County Director are both married men and happy with their marriages, but then I read about this other relationship that if Mr. Lord is to be believed is in trouble. I think it is wonderful and freeing to see such openness about such topics of such powerful men. In French we are not as open. It is ok and tolerable to have mistresses on the side of a marriages, but to be so open about the relationships that no one speaks is unspeakable. Pittsburgh surprises me with its liberalism again!!!

Mr. Ravenstahl is quoted as saying "I'd characterize our relationship as good," but later someone is quoted as saying "There seems to be a sort of cooling of the relationship,"

Relationships are tough. I have been in many. I hope the Mayor is not being taken advantage of by an older person. One time I dated a geriatric, and it ended badly also. All the optimism in the world can't hide the reality of a relationship that is going in the toilet and about to be flushed. I hope for the Mayor that his heart may not be smashed to tiny bits and ground like broken glass into the hard cement of the reality of the world.

My advice... keep your chin in the air and don't date old people.

On a Note besides the point:
I have not heard any feedback from any People of Vision regarding my idea for a Pittburgh Foie Gras industry as a good way to use the goose before their killing. Such a waste of goose!!! I believe it is only time before Mrs. ILuvLuke and Myself are asked to sit on some boards of Vision for our insight. (I can be contacted at