Friday, July 13, 2007


So much stuff making me mad...
I went to the doctor this morning because I have an infected toe nail. I can barely walk. Mad.
I wanted to spend this afternoon writing a nice little entry about why I started this site but then I see in a story in the PG that the Ethnics Board is "deeply concerned" that The Mayor was out trying to help kids with cancer. Come on.
They make a big deal about the value of him golfing being $27,000, but do you think The Mayor can afford that? Do you know how much he makes? We need a mayor that is out there and is proffessional. I say we should give him a raise so he can attend events like this! Do we want our mayor out there golfing with people who run billion dollar businesses like PNC and UPMC and there is our little mayor with patches on the knees of his golf pants, his belt being a rope and his shoes held together with duct tape? Should we give him a little tin cup and rub some coal dust on his face?
Our Mayor should be finely dressed and allowed to go to nice resturants and he has to do business with big business people so he should be allowed to act like one. Even me a poor old lady who could barely pay my co-pay to the doctor this morning understands that most business and deals happen on golf courses. Does it make me mad? No because I am a realist not an idealist like some of those people out there who I would love to throw my ashtray at. Does it make me made that I will never play in the Mario Lemeow Golf thing? No because I have never been on a golf course and I find it boring, but I still understand that it needs to exist so deals can happen and the world can spin. So get over it!!!
It all comes back to the crtics of The Mayor are jealous. They wish they could have the opportunities he has. They wish when they were his age they could be where he is. They wish they could be playing golf and jetting around. As I've said before, envy is one of the deadly sins.
Finally, if the ethnics board decides to get all nebby about this petty subject, The Mayor should just fire them all and get some people on the board who care about serious matters. That to me seems like the only reasonable thing to do.
My last point that somebody today in the comments section used a bad word. They called someone a dumbas*. I don't mind if you call people names, just make sure you use those funny little letters when spelling badwords so kids wont understand. I want this to be a family website.