Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kill Point Shall Thrill Me!!!

I tremble with the thought that The Kill Point television show showcasing Pittsburgh shall debut this coming morning!!!
I found one place where I will be able to watch the show. It is a pub for the Irish by the name of O'Goldberg's at 75 rue des Deux Fromages. I found that they will recieve the satelite signal of the Spike TV that is showing the show. Even though they are not in the safest of the neighborhoods, I shall adventure there to see Pittsburgh shine with the excitement of a Bruce Willis movie (besides the point, I have often watched Pi├Ęge en eaux troubles which you know as The Striking Distance in the United States with Mr. Willis and found it very thrilling. I wish to ride a boat like his on you're rivers and perhaps ride over a water barrier like described in the movie?).
I was very excited to see it smally mentioned in the Post-Gazette that Mayor Ravenstahl will be staring in the show! It says, "(No mayor is named in the first two hours, but Luke Ravenstahl's photo is visible on the wall of the bank manager's office.)" Do most banks and other businesses have pictures of the Mayor on their wall? That is very nice.
I shall be setting my clock to awake me so I can watch the show at 4 in this coming morning.
Let's all share the excitement TOGETHER!!!