Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Have So Much To Say

1) Hello form the Northside

2) A great letter to the editor today AND the writer is from the Northside. She makes a really good point with "If the citizens of Pittsburgh required the mayor's presence at every important conference or event, we would need to have 100 mayors on duty. " So true. Might be nice if we had a few extra Mayor Ravenstahls to share with some of my bingo sisters. HeHe.

3) Then there is also a letter to the editor from a guy asking people to vote for DeSantis. Doesn't he understand that the guy is not a Democrat?

4) Then there is a article in the Trib about The Mayor going to meet with the Ethnics Board. Interesting thing there is Ethics Hearing Board Chairwoman Sister Patrice Hughes says she is going to write a letter to The Mayor and there is not an investigation. HEAR THAT!!!! It is a letter not an INVESTIGATION. So get over it, poo-poo potatoheads. If there was a problem, there would be an investigation, but there is not so get over it.
Later it says "Kate DeSimone, a city lawyer who works with the board, said Hughes does not intend to make public her letter to Ravenstahl once it's written." So it is going to be private letter, but I bet the Poo-Poos are going to make a big stink out of that. I bet they are going to demand to read all The Mayor's mail too. Makes me want to throw my ashtray.