Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mayor Luke, Have a Grand Holiday!

In a article like what falls from the rear of a dog, I was able to find a positive news that lifted my spirit. Mayor Luke is this week on holiday. It is his first since aquiring the office of Mayor in September. That is a very long time to be working with out holiday. I wish him the most and hope he comes back fresh like a river. My thoughts drifted that maybe in 3 months we may be hearing a call that a little one may be on its way by the stork? My thoughts tick! Would he be better starting a family now or when he runs as representitive or president? Maybe better to have little ones when he runs for larger office that way you can hold them up and kiss them and make old women melt like butter. Hard to do the melting when they are still in the stomach.
On a note that is from a different song, I have been thinking of making my trip to Pittsburgh. My thoughts aremaybe to come when the casino opens? What do you think?