Sunday, July 15, 2007

On the Liberalism of Pittsburgh

After an evening of drinking fine wine, watching fireworks with parades and kissing strangers, my Bastille Day celebration of freedom is now a pounding aching day break celebration of freedom. J’ai mal aux cheveux! which I think translates to "My hair is ill".

Since I have been keeping knowledgable of Pittsburgh and it happenings, I have oft been drawn to the Blog "2PoliticalJunkies". I have noticed that they have often recieved praise and accolades which I sometimes agree with them and believe it is desired on matters of the United States, but I disagree mostly when they give the mayor an undignified treatment.
I am impressed with the liberalism in Pittsburgh that two people can feel free enough to say at the top of their lungs, "I like politics and I am a junkie!" It is special that they feel free enough to proclaim their addiction to drugs. It shows a special liberalism from the people of Pittsburgh to listen to them that is unfounded in most other parts of the world. Here in Paris our drug addicts have no interests other than their drugs and would be very incapable of maintaining such an extensive blog as your two junkies do.
Bravo to Pitsburgh for being openminded and bravo for having such productive drug addicts.