Monday, July 23, 2007

I Got The Following Email...

When I got the following e-mail, I had to ask my grandson what it meant and he said that it was "cool". He's 18 so he's your typical teenage jagoff. I asked him what he thought of The Mayor and he said that if The Mayor really wanted to appeal to the young people, he would be seen out of his suit and as my grandson said "wearing gold and being all g-d up from the feet up." He said all the kids would vote for The Mayor if he really had the truck in the drawing. It is great to have a mayor that appeals to the young people. Finally I think Pittsburgh is coming out of its slump.

Yo, Strawberry...

People be dissing the Mayor about his ride. I made up a fresh ride that would make the Raven phat and all that.

Its got..

  • 102 inch plasma in the trunk for showing films in the park, watchin golf or whatever

  • 4 18's 20,000 watts

  • crazy mad game face on the grill

Get that rolling down Carson at 2am and the youngsters will flip their lids with eyes buggin. Like Northshorehipster69 said he's gotta represent.