Monday, July 23, 2007

My Disappointment is Bottomless But Not Infinite

My plan was structured perfectly and was going singingly like a beautiful musical score. My clock awoke me early in the morning. I put on my STEALERS sweatershirt and a beautiful pair of sweatpants hiphop style that come in the black and gold of the city of Pittsburgh. I believe I looked very festive. I set off to the bar for the Irish to watch The Kill Point.
As I mentioned it is not in the safest of neighborhood. From the Metro station I was followed by a gang of teenagers from Algers who mocked my sweatershirt and pants. When I found the bar for the Irish, I walked into a den that appeared to be the launching point for the journying of a pirate ship. The men were the lowest of low and I feared for being knifed or maimed or killed.
I asked the barister if the television could be changed from a television game show to The Kill Point. He laughed. I explained that I had called earlier and I slide some money his way. He took the money and laughed and left me.
As I sat in that stew of human sewage, I realized my dream of watching The Kill Point would not happen. I went home with my heart hanging deeply. It is a very sad day, but I will recover like a soaring bird stronger and most glorious such as a bird of Fire!!! The Phoenix.
I hope the people of Pittsburgh enjoyed its spotlight time!!