Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thoughts That Are Random


I am still drowning in sorrow for missing the Kill Point, but I am drowning myself in the Tour De France now. It is a shame that now days performance enhancing drug are ruining the game. It was much better when the only performance enhancing drugs were champagne and cigarettes. I have smpathy for Americans and their baseball. The baseball was much better before steriods and the hormone that makes people grow. Bring back the days of simple amphedemines. Why are not the Pirates doing better? Are they unable to afford the more expensive scientific drugs? Do they only rely on the Speed? If they do not use the Drugs, then maybe their slogan should be, "WE WILL at least pass our drug tests". Or "Our record shows that we do not do the Drugs!!!"

I am happy to see the Wiggles will be performing at The Mellon Arena. A most amazing group, but why do you praise mellon by having an arena dedicated to them? Is Pittsburgh in the mellon growing region of the United States?

When I think of my future trip to Pittsburgh, I think I will wait until the completion of the tunnel under the Allegheny River. I have seen the pictures of the tunnel with the children walking through the tunnel and marvaling at the polar bears swimming above them. I am surprised at the clarity of the water of your river. The tunnel does appear small for letting the kids walk through and having a speeding train pass through. I have faith in the planners of these great ventures that they have a vision that is beyond my grasp. The people of Pittsburgh must have great understanding of these visions too because they do not ask questions and must agree with them. It is grand to see the people of Pittsburgh and the people of Vision are on the same page and riding smoothly into a tunnel under the river.