Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Here's a Campaign Challenge

Hello from the Northside [for you who might confuse me with a french man whose english isn't that good]:
DeSantis has challenged The Mayor to 8 debates. Come on, The Mayor has a job to do. He can't be taking that much time out of his schedule. Let's get real!!! This DeSantis guy is rich and has all the time in the world to raise a stink. These Poo-Poo Potatoheads first sit there and complain that The Mayor doesn't work and then when these debates come around, they don't want him working? I don't understand.
Then DeSantis comes out challeging The Mayor to a bunch of stuff like running a clean campaign or other crud like balancing the budget. Here is what The Mayor should say back to him...

"DeSantis, I challenge you to become a Democrat!!!"

That should put him in his place.