Monday, July 30, 2007


Yesterday, I read Pierre's post about the relationship between The Mayor and Onorato and i got so mad. Not at Pierre but at the Post Gazette for publishing that article - link.
We all know that the Post Gazette hates the Mayor, but it is a new low to try to hint that there is some sort of lovefest going on between the Mayor and the County Executive. Next thing you know Mr. Lord is going to be writing about The Mayors love of sheep. When will someone stop this craziness.
I think Pierre is a very smart man, and even he was mislead about that article into thinking The Mayor and The County Executive are having a fling. Just think how many other Pittsburghers are out there thinking the same thing right now!!! I am so mad!!! Please everyone write letters to that hateful, souless, dirtrag, barfbag, printed on toiletpaper newspaper called the postgazette!!!
Again the Post Gazette has made me drink about 4 IC Lights before dinner time!!!!!!!!