Friday, July 27, 2007

I Have Figured Out ReSantis's Plan!!!!!!!

Hello from the Northside:

I figured it out why ReSantis wants to have 8 debates. In this mornings PG, its talks about how ReSantis and The Mayor have decided on one debate date and it is October 28th. The PG says, "The date coincides with a 1 p.m. Steelers game against the Cincinnati Bengals."

How about that? ReSantis doesn't like the Steelers!!!! He would rather debate than watch the Steelers.

Is it a coincident that ReSantis wants 8 debates and the date of the first scheduled one is on the 8th week of football season? What he is trying to do is challenge The Mayor to debate during every Steelers game up to the election and as we all know that any real Pittsburgher is not going to be able to miss the games. So he knows that The Mayor will not be able to commit to any of the debates and he'll try to get points for that. This makes me want to throw my ashtray at the wall.

I'll tell you, Mr. ReSantis, true Pittsburghers like myself can see what you are trying to do and we wont be fooled. During every Steelers game, I want to see My Mayor sitting in the stands with a big glass of beer, a Steelers jersey, a big foam hand and maybe some face paint waving a terrible towel. I don't want to see him standing in a suit and tie behind a podium in a high school gym debating some pasty faced REPUBLICAN!!!

I hope The Mayor points out that you don't like the Steelers, then you will surily loose.