Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cats as Your Problem

I was lifted to hear that the issue of tagging of the feral cats may be soon gleeming in the light of the spotlight again for the city of Pittsburgh. Mr Motznik will discuss his plans in a full way soon today in a public hearing according to the City Paper. While I am unable to attend the public hearing due to my place of residents across the ocean of the Atlantic, I will be following the reports on what you call the MSM. I am sure the media with be in a frothing mixture from this issue.
I myself believe that a city is only as good as it treats its lowliest creature, so how the city treats the cats will reflect very importantly on the city of Pittsburgh. Cats should be civil and reflect the beauty of the city. Dirty feral beast should be deal with. The City Paper calls the issue "the most important issues facing the city’s future: the licensing of cats." I trend to agree.