Sunday, July 8, 2007

Great Letters to the Editor in PG

Today's PG had some great letters supporting The Mayor.

- C. Englert of Overbrook makes some good points with one of the best being...
"Keep up the good job, Luke."

- Dave Paolicelli of the South Side say, "I find it pleasing to have someone who is willing to be as active as Luke Ravenstahl as our mayor." Yes, I'm pleased too. He could just sit around and smoke and drink and play video games like other kids his age, but no! He is willing to be active. It makes me glad that he is able to play a few rounds of golf. God bless him.

- Patricia Rodzay of McCandless point out the obvious that "[those hateful potatoheads] are envious of [The Mayor] attaining this position at such a young age." Good job, Patricia!!! Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins, so you guys better watch out!!!

Then there is an evil Potatohead Patricia Moran from Point Breeze who is soooo hateful, hurtful and soulless!!!!! It is soo cookooo-ville that I have to print it below, but one untrue thing she says is that she call The Mayor "baby mayor" which is furtherest from the truth. A baby is like under two years old and The Mayor is 27. She is soooo wrong. You've been FACED, Patricia Moran!!!
I read the editorial regarding Luke Ravenstahl and the $27,000 golf game he attended while the women of this city were asking for an audience from the administration regarding an important subject ... the promotion of policemen who had a past history of domestic violence ("Slow Learner," July 6).
I loved the editorial. It assuaged my rage a little bit. But there is really a bigger issue here: the people of Pittsburgh.
A great number of the people in Pittsburgh are not smart. They are the most dense people I have ever seen. I am not from here and have been here a year or so. They don't care what their "baby mayor" does. They keep repeating the phrase "give the kid a chance." What is wrong with these people? It is like they have been hypnotized and, just like "Stepford wives," repeat this mantra. The mayor blames everyone but his mother for picking on him. He blames Bill Peduto, "yellow journalism" and Republican mayoral candidate Mark DeSantis for his woes. I am sure there are some intelligent people here, but I fear they are in the minority!
Mayor Ravenstahl should grow up and be a man and take the consequences of his behavior instead of whining and crying like a baby. And the people of Pittsburgh had better wake up. This little baby is going to lead them into bankruptcy. They deserve it.

Soooo much anger and hate!!! Let's all pitch in and buy her some aluminum foil so she can make some hats.