Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Opus on The Allegheny Conference on Community Development and its Affiliates

Hello from the city with angry teenagers rioting in the streets - Paris!

The Allegheny Conference on Community Development and its Affiliates is made of the cream of the Pittsburgh people. These people have risen to the top of the mountain and are given a view of the city that few others can comprehend. Together they are like the neutron bomb of change where as all the other little people of Pittsburgh are individually like the little caps that children put in their toy cap guns. Pittsburgh is very lucky to have such powerful men of vision who are willing to work together for the good of all. It reminds me of the Legion of Super Heros.

Since ancient times, all civilisations have needed fathers of vision to help the children citizens. Left alone, the children citizens would end up playing in mud and not eating well and basically soiling their pants. But thanks to the fathers of vision, the children can be let by their hand to a better place safely. That is what I see the The Allegheny Conference on Community Development and its Affiliates [TACOCDAIA] doing for the people of Pittsburgh.

A good example is how when TACOCDAIA was first conceived, they cleaned all the smoke from the city. If not for these Fathers of Vision coming together, the people of Pittsburgh would have kept putting smoke out of the steel mills and would have sat their coughing and wiping soot from their eyes. But thanks to TACOCDAIA, people can now come to Pittsburgh thinking it will be smokey and full of gloom, but will be surprised when it does not meet their expectation but is better. What better way to leave an impression and memory but with a surprise! So much I read people's reaction to visiting Pittsburgh as "I thought it would be ugly but it is beautiful!" It is like meeting a strange ugly girl on the Metro and convincing her to come to your apartment and then when you take off her glasses, let her hair down and take away her clothes, she then looks like Lindsey Lohan!!! You can thank TACOCDAIA for this transformation!

TACOCDAIA is responsible for Renaissance 1 and 2. As a European, I take exception to this because we are responsible for the real Renaissance 1. So one of the first things when I am invited to talk to the Fathers of Vision of TACOCDAIA, I will ask them to renumber their Renaissances. Therefore, they are responsible for Renaissances 2 and 3.

TACOCDAIA is responsible for almost everything in Pittsburgh (except for the bad stuff). They have built Downtown. They have given Culture to Downtown with its Culturial District. They are redecorating The Point State Park. You should think of TACOCDAIA as the interior designers of Pittsburgh for they are striving to make the city grand.

Every year TACOCDAIA gathers for their Annual Meeting to share their Visions with not the lowly people but the people just below the cream of the top. It has been suggested that I may someday speak at this grand meeting. I think that would be a great idea. I think I could share greatly because I to am full of Vision (that is why I contribute to this website to share my humble insight!).

In conclusion, Pittsburgh is very fortunate to have such a group as TACOCDAIA. These are very powerful men who could use their powers to crush the little people, but instead they have turned to use their powers for good. In the coming year, TACOCDAIA is celebrating the birthday of 250 for the city of Pittsburgh. I wish to suggest that the people of Pittsburgh turn the table and instead of celebrating the birthday, they should celebrate TACOCDAIA!!! There could be parades where all the members of TACOCDAIA walk through the canyons of their creation - Downtown - and the people of the city could share their thanks for TACOCDAIA's greatness. Dear, Little People of Pittsburgh? Could we make this idea a reality?

[I wish to thank Mr. Bram for insighting me to the existence of TACOCDAIA. I am sorry for my delay in producing this position paper but I wanted it to be extraordinary to reflect the glory of the topic.]