Monday, November 12, 2007

More Analysis

I agree with ILuvLuke's insightful post-election analysis completely. Luke won and he is still Pittsburgh's Mayor. The Mark DeSantis yuppies have been put in their place. (Which, unfortunately, appears to be Shadyside, Pt. Breeze and Sq. Hill. I am starting to wonder if these places are really part of Pittsburgh, even though I live in Sq. Hill.)

I wanted to add a little analysis of my own. Something like only 30 or 40 percent of registered voters turned out on election day. Some people say this a small percentage, less than half. And, therefore, not everyone supports Luke. I say they are wrong. Just because someone does not vote does not mean they don't support the Mayor! Besides, I am sure these people had good reason not to vote. It was very windy on election day, and some of them had probably just had their hair done. Also, it was the day after a Steelers Monday night football game. Probably lots and lots of people were nursing IC Light Hangovers. How could they vote? I do not know why they couldn't just move election day to Wednesday! Or even Saturday when not as many people have to work. Or why not have a whole election week? If the weather is crappy on Tuesday, it might clear up on Thursday and then people can go vote without getting their hair mussed. We can put a man on the moon so why can't we have an election week?

But, the fact that not many people voted means that even more people Support Luke, Pittsburgh's Mayor. Here is how I see it. Most of these people who stayed home did so because they knew Luke would win, and since they were going to vote for him anyway, they really did not need to bother to get out and vote. Luke did not need any more votes, but everyone supports him. I think this is really generous and kind of the democratic party. Many of them stayed home and didn't vote. That way, Luke's margin of victory was not TOO large. I think this was really very, very kind and generous of Democrats and Luke supporters--because it gave Luke enough votes, but not so many as to make ReSantis look really bad. It made ReSantis think he might have had a chance. It was really very kind of democrats to create this illusion for some republican loser who never had a chance. That proves why democrats are the leading party in Pittsburgh and will always be. Democrats have compassion for their Republican opponents. In fact, I think we should start a new term: Compassionate Liberals.

And, like I said above, all those people who did not vote probably do support Mayor Luke. Besides, that is the way it works in a democracy. Once someone wins election to office, then everyone must get behind him and support him because America loves a winner, no matter what.

Anyway, probably next election even more people can stay home, because, as ILuvLuke wrote, Luke is Pittsburgh's Mayor, for life.