Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Van Halen To Embrace Pittsburgh With A Night of Love

From Paris:

You may remember how upset I was when it was announced that Van Halen would not be visiting the beloved Pittsburgh on their recent tour. Maybe my Blog post will help you remember .... http://iluvluke.blogspot.com/2007/08/van-halen-pisses-on-our-spirits.html.

After that, I put the whip to the ass of the horse. I did set my massive Van Halen scrapbook out for rubbish. I even wrote the following email to Mr. Mayor Ravenstahl, Mr. Pat Ford and Mr. Yaronne.

I am a writer for a blog (iluvluke.blogspot.com) that greatly favors the
mayor and I was very saddened to learn in the papers that Van Halen will be
missing the City of Pittsburgh on thier most recent tour.

Is there anything that you can do about this?

I believe you should make a statement that if Van Halen does not want Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh does not want Van Halen!!! We don't even want the Van Halen with Sammy Hager. Can you issue an official decree?

As you might be able to see, I am full of anger at them disrepecting your city.

Thank You for Your Time and Service!
Paris, France

and I did recieve the following from Mr. Yaronne...
Thanks for your email, Pierre. An official decree may not be in order, but this will certainly take “Jump” out of the running for Pittsburgh’s official theme song. Is this the David Lee Roth influence at play? He has been disruptive before and I sincerely hope this is not evidence of his persistent troublemaking, certain to doom the tour and break up the band.

Au Revoir,


Then today I saw the news that Van Halen WILL BE VISITING PITTSBURGH!

I would like to think that Mr. Yaronne pulled some strings and made the concert a certainty. I would also hope that also my outrage helped to make Van Halen change their decision. Unfortuniately, I will be unable to attend the concert for I have not saved up enough for my visit to my adoptable city. If Van Halen or The City of Pittsburgh, wishes to pay for my travel, I might be able to attend. ( I would hope they would also pay for my taxi to and from the airport and cover my hotel fees plus some money so I may "party" like a rock god!)

I do regret loses my Van Halen massive scrapbook and for melting my albums into a gooey mass on the sidewalk of my apartment building but I luckily still have all their albums on compact disks.

Thank you Mr Yaronne for pulling a muscle for the city of Pittsburgh.