Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Am So Mad Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You might think that I am mad because I wasn't even mentioned by the poopoo-gazette as a influencial woman blogger. But I am not mad about that. I figure what do you expect from a republican Pittsburgh hating paper? I have been very blessed to be running this website. A year ago, if you would have asked me if I would be running "The Best Blog In Pittsburgh" I would have laughed and then checked my liquor cabinet to see if you had been sneaking. But here I am with a whole group of new "cyber" friends and I'm on a mission running a great blog that is making our city a wonderful place just like our Mayor!

But here is what is making me mad! I had spent all weekend decorating my parking chair with Ravenstahl signs and making it look all pretty. I gave it a Halloween look and made it up really nice. I put some Luke signs on it with some tissue paper ghosts and a cardboard skeleton that I got at the drug store. I taped some pictures of Luke on it along with some leaves. But now it is gone. Someone stole my PARKING CHAIR!!!!!!

I had the thing out there for over 10 years without anyone touching it, but then I decorate it up for the upcoming election with some Luke signs and BAM.... its gone. So obviously, it has to do with a Luke Hating ReSantis Lover.

I can't believe the level that these maniacs will go. The Pittsburgh Parking Chair is serious business. If they will mess with a parking chair, just think what they will mess with if they get in power! Are they going to ban parking chairs? Outlaw the Pittsburgh left? Are they going to consolidate the three rivers down to two? Pittsburgh beware.

In other news, Halloween was really good for me. I passed out "Luke" stickers to all the little kids. They seemed so happy about it except for all those ungrateful kids who asked, "where's the candy?" The kids love the Mayor. But I was so mad that I didn't see any kids dressed up like The Mayor. I was going to follow SilverFoxy and give a dollar bill to the first kid dressed like The Mayor and since none showed up dressed like him, I played the numbers with it and my number almost hit. I did see lots of kids dressed up like ReSantis. They said they were zombies and goblins and gouls, but they sure looked like ReSantis to me!

I tried to get my grandson Little Frankie to dress up like The Mayor, but my jaggoff son and Little Frankie's jaggoff father said something about how some people might not like The Mayor and might not give him candy. While I thought of course those hateful ReSantis Lovers would make a kid cry by not giving them candy, I told him that he wasn't tricker treating in Squirrel Hill. This is the North Side and there might be one or two looney tunes on the North Side who are ReSantis Lovers but for the most part he would get MORE candy dressed like The Mayor. He didn't buy it and went as a Transformer. What jaggoffs I live with.

Now do you see why I am so mad?