Saturday, November 17, 2007

Light Up Night!!!

Last night, I went with my jaggoff family downtown for Light Up Night. It is always so special. No body wanted to go because they thought it was too cold, but I was able to drag my grandson Little Frankie and my son Tony. The three of us went down in Tony's tow truck. I was sure parking would be a problem but Tony knows all the parking lot people so we were able to find a spot and park for FREE!

Light up night brings back so many memories of when I was a child and my dad would take me and my sisters to go downtown to look at the Horne's Christmas tree all lit up. We'd ride the trolly down and look at the tree and then we'd tag around with my dad as he went to different bars and talked to his friends. Me and my sisters would play under dirty pool tables among old peanut shells and we'd eat hard boiled eggs while we waited for my dad. I realized later that it was just a way to get us kids out of the house when my mother was being a nag, but it still brings back so many good memories. And then we'd get dad on the trolly back home and he'd be singing Christmas carols and barely able to stand up. God bless his soul.

So I was hoping to create nice memories for my Little Frankie. We got to see The Mayor light up the Christmas tree. That was great to see him in person. He looks more handsome in real life than in the pictures if you can believe that. He reminds me George Clooney crossed with Brad Pitt with a little Matt Damon in him. We are so lucky to have such a handsome Mayor!
Little Frankie got to email Santa Claus his wish list and then later we got to see Santa. We had some coco and watched some fireworks. Little Frankie wanted to get his face painted like Hines Ward because he was wearing his Hines Ward jersey so the little girl face painting just smeared his face with some brown makeup and that made him happy. We went and watched some people do some dancing on the ice rink. That was nice.

My only complaint for the night was the Highmark "Unity Tree". It is a CHRISTMAS tree!!!!! Can't we just put Christ back in CHRISTmas and call it a CHRISTMAS TREE!? Thank God, they got rid of Sparkle Season!!!!

In conclusion, I want to say that Light Up Night is great. It is like the only night of the year where it is safe to go downtown at night so it is really nice to go down and see it so full of people. It is just like the old days when it was busy down there all the time. I could tell that most of the people are from the suburbs and it would be nice if only people in the city would be allowed to enjoy it but it is still a nice event. So now I am all in the Christmas spirit.