Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We Have All Together Won Greatly

From your twin city Paris....

Congratulation on your supreme triumph great Pittsburgh's Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

I wish there was a way to send you a group of red roses through email for you would find a large wreath of them from me. Also, I wish I could have delivered to your office a bottle of Pittsburgh's finest Champagne for you to pop the cork and to spray all over your office. Did your staff pour a cooler of sports drink over you? This seems to be the American way to say Victory by making the great victor wet with sports drink. I pour my sports drink on you, great Pittsburgh Mayor!

[May I point out that blogger spell check that I rely very heavy upon takes the name "Ravenstahl" and wishes to change it to "Ravenously"!]

I am so gleeful that you have triumphed because that means the following...

- This blog will continue. While even if Luke would have received defeat, we would still love him. I believe it would have been harder to blog about him if he were unemployed or selling cars.

- I may continue my plans of visiting the city of Pittsburgh and I now may recieve the Great Golden Key to the City when I arrive. I will hopefully be treated in the highest style and may sore at the great levels of the Eagles of Power of the City of Pittsburgh.

So with that, I leave you with this great saying in France, "Mange ton poisson à présent qu'il est frais, marie ta fille à présent qu'elle est jeune." It translates "Eat your fish while it is fresh, marry your daughter while she is young."