Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Beautiful Machine

Ooops! Silly me. I wrote this post earlier today, after a sleepless night partying for Luke. I thought 75% of Allegheny County voters voted a straight democratic ticket. But now I find out (thanks to Chris Potter of the City Paper) that it is really only 20%. Silly me. Well, I still think it is a great thing to choose a side and stick with it no matter what, I guess it's just that not as many people are doing that as I thought. What is really important is that Luke won and I am proud to be part of the wining side even if lots of people think ReSantis would have been a better Mayor!--Gay4Luke

Today I am happy, proud, and, yes, a little bit turned on to be part of the great and powerful democratic machine which has risen up and rolled through and elected Pittsburgh's Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. Think of this: According to the Allegheny County Board of Elections, in Allegheny County, 75% of the voters voted a straight democratic ticket. They did this just as they have always done, just as their fathers and their fathers' fathers have always done! How could Luke possibly lose in this great tradition of voting for democrats? How could some Republican ever think he might win? It really is a beautiful thing because we know the democratic party is great and true and right. So we do not even have to think, we can just push that button for a straight democratic ticket and be done with it quick and easy. Also, by not having to page through a long ballot making individual choices, we save lots and lots of time in the polling place. Then we can get on with our shopping and other important things. And we can assure that the democrats will alway be elected which is as it should be in this great democracy of Pittsburgh. That's why they call it a DEMocracy--because it is run by democrats. They don't call it REPocracy, do they? It's just such a beautiful thing to pick a side and stick with it no matter what. I am glad I have chosen the democratic side (unlike my evil dead republican father) because today I can say I am a winner. "Mark DeSantis for Mayor" Hah!