Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is Dan Onorato Our Barry Bonds?

I saw a picture of Dan Onorato in the paper (yeah, that Republican paper that starts with a P and ends with Gazette) and I noticed that our County Executive looks a lot different than the Little Danny who use to be on City Council. It got me thinking, Is he using performance enhancing drugs?

Look at these two pictures...


after: Doesn't he look like he has Barry Bond's neck? If he is using performance enhancing drugs, I think that sets a bad president. He is a role model and is looked up to by the kids! Plus, I would hate to see such a handsome young man get lured into thinking that he needs that junk just to keep up with everyone else.

I am kind of mad that I am the first blog to endorse him for governor and NO ONE from his office has emailed me to accept the endorsement!!! If I find out that he has been taking Human Growth Steroids or Smart Drugs or Whatever, I am taking back my endorsement.

Don't you think that drug testing should be done on all people who are elected to such important places? We do it on sports people and what they do doesn't even effect my life except for the Steelers.