Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dan Onorato Is My Hero!!!!

Earlier this week Dan Onorato had County Council change the county real estate website so people can't search by the property owners name. I say BRAVO Mr. Onorato for making the county safer for everyone.

We all know that there are crazy people out there and especially in Pittsburgh there are tons of nuts that have access to computers. Just think that some of those nuts could go to a website and findout where somebody lives and actually see a picture of their house let alone know how much they paid for it and see how much taxes they pay. That is just wrong.

Mr. Onorato has the write idea. It is all public information, but no where do it say you have to make it easy for people. What a great idea to take all the information off the internets and keep it all downtown. We all know that nobody goes downtown so all that information is safe down there and no nuts are going to see it.

In the end we are all safer. I think that all leaders should follow Mr. Onorato's lead and take all important information off the internets and put it downtown. They can do stuff like take all the phone numbers for all the city and county offices off the internets so that all those nuts can't make crazy phone calls downtown and bother people. Lots of money would be saved that way from employee's not having to answer stupid questions. If somebody has a real important question, it seems reasonable that they could go downtown and ask the question in person.

Mr. Onorato has shown some true leadership and I know it is really early to do this but just on his recent actions...

This Blog ENDORSES Mr. Dan Onorato for Governer.

Then he could move all the information with him to Harrisburg and really make all of Pennsylvania safer. Then only the most determined nuts would have to go to Harrisburg to get the information in person. We know that only real nuts travel to Harrisburg for any reason.