Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Response for My Friend Bram R

Hello from the Center of the World Paris!

I was going to write a post about how I missed the Steelers game against the Jet Airplanes due to the Train Stike here in France. I should have known they would loose due to my absence, but I spent my time putting together a great new website to be resourceful for anyone who loves Pittsburgh and is a citizen of Steelers Nation...

[Do not worry, this website will not detract for my precense here on ILUVLUKE]

I noticed a question directed toward me from My Friend Bram R asking "I'm interested to hear Pierre's take on the ACCD." While I am not familar with ACCD, I am egger to please and I am willing to develop and share my opinion. Here are my attempts. Please, Mr. Bram, let me know if I have answered your request?

The Association for Christian Character Development [ACCD] ( - If the religion is firering your soul, this may be useful. The website needs better design. The Discovery Seminar looks interesting dealing with such things as "breaking free from past hauntings/wounds" or "living as powerfully as you know is possible". Mr. Bram, be careful you may become a Godly superhero if you plan on attending.

American Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities [ACCD]( - This seems like a worthwhile organization. I too believe the disabled need help because disabled means they are unable to do things or unable to do them correctly. That is where we who are able should help them. I do not understand how this group helps for it seems they just have meetings.

Alamo Community Colleges [ACCD] ( - Mr. Bram, are you looking to go to school? This college seems far from Pittsburgh but if you are like other young people and looking to leave Pittsburgh, this might be a good choice for you. Follow your dreams!

The Alliance For Contraception in Cats and Dogs [ACCD] ( - I am all for non-surgically sterilizing dogs and cats. It seems they wish for cats and dogs to use the condom. I would not trust them to apply them correctly, but this group seems to believe that is possible. They do have a cute video here.

I hope Mr. Bram, I have answered your questions and you are now satisfied. If not, please let me know if I have missed the mark and I will try again for I am abled not disabled.