Friday, November 9, 2007

Post Election Analysis

I don't do much analysis but here is what I see.

Luke Won.

That means that Pittsburgh Loves Luke and everyone should now get off his case.

Just looking at the map showing where Luke won, it was pretty much everywhere so that means everyone supports him. All those "mistakes" that were getting blown out of proportion just mean that people support him and support his "mistakes". That means they want him to go golfing with Tiger Woods. They want him to have a nice car to take his wife on concerts and date.

It also shows that people like him acting like a 27 year old. When he goes to get elected next time, he is going to be a 29 year old, but I'm sure people wont care if he continued acting like a 27 year old because there isn't that big of a difference between 27 and 29.

Now that The Mayor is still the Mayor he can be Mayor for Life and this great blog can contiue. I'm sure The Mayor has higher callings like maybe taking Dan Onorato's place when Dan become Governor, but I'll still be able to run this blog because I (and all of Pittsburgh) will continue to Luv Luke.