Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Steeler Nation Update

Grand Morning from glorious glowing Paris

After a exciting week last week with the triumph of the Great Mayor Luke, I forgot to update you on my citizenship in the Steelers Nation!

I was able to watch the Ravens lose to the Mighty Steelers. You might ask how I stayed awake last week to watch it. Well, my friend Andre who I have converted into a fan of the Pittsburgh hooked a digital recorder of video to the television at his job and we watched it the next day in the department store. Even though we knew the Steelers would triumph, it was still exciting to see the football fly so gracefully into the touchdown zone so many times!!!

This past Sunday when the Steelers battled the Browns, again Andre was working so I ventured to the Department Store. We have become a fixture in front of the Satellite television. Andre has set up a sofa and hooked up a loud stereo sound system so we can enjoy to the maximum. We must be careful so Andre's boss does not get angry at us. It is good that he is a Christian and takes Sundays off so he does not witness our merrymaking. Now we must make sure that Andre's co-workers do not become jealous of Andre having so much fun at work. I am laboring to convert them to the love of Pittsburgh.

What fun watching the Browns lose. And the excitement of Big Ben lumber his large frame into the touchdown zone!! What animal is the Browns? I believe it is the worst name in the National Football Legion.

Again my record is 1000% in watching the Steelers triumph!!! May I never see the Steelers lose!