Tuesday, September 4, 2007


As you might know, I like my IC Light. But then I read this and I'm afraid it might not be around much longer!!!
How can Pittsburgh Brewing be going out of business. I practically keep them in business. How am I going to get my IC LIght if they don't make it anymore. It will be a cold day in hell if I ever have to drink any of that yuppie beer like Coors Light or Zima.
What is going to happen next? The Pirates are going to go bankrupt? The Steelers are going to not play this year? Is our city falling apart? Is steel never going to come back to the iron city? I'm begining to become afraid of what might happen next.
I propose that the city takes over the brewery. It is not like the city is in any worse situation than the brewery, and they could get some of those Redd Up guys getting the brewery back in shape.. The city could merge with the brewery and maybe all the citizens of Pittsburgh could get free beer. That would get people to move to the city! I could see it as a great money maker for the city. What other city could they say runs on beer? I think all the young people would want to stay in this town so they could have their beer. Don't you think?
Iron City is like water to this city. It can't go away. It is needed. This city was build on sweat and beer. People here have been drinking Iron City since Washington crossed the Allegheny River to get himself a beer.
Everybody needs to call The Mayor and their council people and tell them to Save Our Brewery (SOB for short!!!)!!! If I don't hear some action soon from those people, I might have to call for a drink in. That wont be pretty.